Friday, 30 March 2012

Managing a Menu for Healthy Eating - Thank You Pinterest!

Great "how to" located on this blog here to build your own!

I was crusing Pinterest weeks ago and saw this. I knew we needed it to be able to really manage healthy eating. It is so hard to put together healthy meals on the fly when your cupboards and fridge don't' have the ingredients you need. Not even close most of the time.

My supplies! Great finds for great prices - total spending under $20.

In progress! Gluing the clothespins on with glue gun.
I was inspired to do a style similar to the original pin. I wanted to switch it up so I tried several different layouts and even hoped to squeeze in a grocery list there but I came back to the original design in the end.

One layout thought...
Covered crayon boxes.

The most time consuming part was coming up with all the meals which Scotty and I did together one evening on the computer. We picked about 35 mains and 25 sides. Of course the meals will be unique at times and we may not have the exact label for it. But if we have a general idea of 7 meals (not assigned to a certain day so we can be flexible) ahead of time we can be sure to have all the right groceries to make really enjoyable meals.

Final product - love it!


  1. WOW!!! that looks lovely and such a good idea!!!

  2. That looks great - we have been playing with setting up a rotating menu - this would be a big help to do that!

    1. I swear by planning out a good rotating menu to keep things organized and Scott loves to choose what we are having day by day. So this system is our best compromise - 7 meals to start off the week (That way we pick the groceries for it) and he can choose them as the day comes.
      Making it was really simple - and darn cute too with the right scrapbook paper! I got mine at Mardens for $5.99!

  3. You have inspired me to make one! Nick and I will be moving into our new house at the end of May, and we will be on a bit of a budget. Having a rotating menu, and only buys the groceries we need for the upcoming week is going to be a big help! Not to mention make mealtimes easier since we live 30 mins outside of the city, and we don't want to be forever deciding what to make for supper!