Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Lawn by Boon

How happy am I that the drying rack I was drooling over had JUST arrived in stock at Room to Remember Kids? 


Today I left Jack and Daddy behind and went shopping for some baby things. Now that Jack is older we needed to look into a few kinds of soothers to suit he needs! Let me just say - it is SO fun shopping for baby things when you have a purpose and aren't just randomly buying because everything is SO CUTE. First lets model the two fun soothers I picked up for Jack at Stylin Momma and Tot that were 40% off. 

A weird little raspberry like soother that is bumpy and he enjoys rubbing his gums on. 

(the next one is a two parter)

It is a little ladybug soother that has wings that snap shut when it hits the floor. So perfect for his newest experiments with "cause and effect" (otherwise known as throw stuff on the floor).

Enjoying a new teether also we picked up in the US of A :). 

Now onto the Boon drying rack.  I have drooled over this for drying all of his little baby things like soothers and breast pump parts. But there was no real justification for buying it just yet. 

 And for those who haven't breast fed a baby you don't understand the ENVY we have for the cute bottles that formula fed babies get to enjoy. So now that Jack is attempting cereal I can justify picking up this drying rack. (and some cutie patootie feeding items!)

That's right - I washed EVERY teething ring and plastic toy he uses just so I could prove how awesome this drying rack was. 

Fits everything I could ever hope to wash of Jacks and it is dish washable. The grass blades keep everything on it and nothing falls through the cracks to get lost. The grass tray lifts out and you just dump the water into the sink and let dry. Fabulous!

I highly recommend this product to any new parent but especially those that formula feed and have many bottles etc to clean and dry every day! But even those who are breastfeeding can use this for soothers, dishes, spoons, breast pump parts etc.

And it just looks darn cute on your counter :)


  1. that is an awesome drying rack!can it be found in other stores? and how much was it michelle

    1. Oh I should have shared that too! Boon makes two types of drying racks Lawn (mine) and Grass a smaller version. You can buy them online from several Canadian resellers but the best deal I've seen is Mine cost $29 and the little version is $19.