Saturday, 17 March 2012

Jack T Matheson - International Traveller!

Coming in at just over 4 months old he's becoming quite the well travelled baby!

Today we headed to the US of A to shop till we drop in Calis. I had never gone that route to the USA before and so it was of course an adventure.  Grammie was navigating (which made things tricky when we couldn't use our iPhones for GPS) but she got us there and all around town no problem.

For those wondering - No. I did not eat healthy this meal. 

Loving the USA!
We stopped for lunch at Baileys - a lovely little family restaurant just like 2 minutes across the border. Jack was more than adorable after his 2 hour nap.  He bounced on our knees for a while then we tried out the highchair and he hammed it up for the camera.

I'm ready for MY burger!
We giggled so much watching him enjoy this chair.
We only were there for 3 hours but picked up some really great bargins at Mardens and Walmart. I was floored at how reasonable Walmarts prices were in comparison to Canadian Walmart.  We picked up a bundle of baby trinkets like teething rings, a very cool mesh feeder and some rings to connect his toys to his chairs etc.

My favourite purchase of the day was a "Jonny Jump Up" Jolly Jumper.  Aside from it being excellently Rock and Roll for Jack, it is so fun for him.  Now that he is interested in taking little steps and bouncing excitedly in his car we felt that a Jolly Jumper type thing would be great for him.

Tomorrow the DSLR is going to be taking the pictures... either he is blurry or EVERYTHING else is blurry. 

Kisses from Lucy of course!

We were right.

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  1. Well, you were very gracious in your description of my navigating! I got us lost not once but twice!
    The Jonny Jump is really a Jumpin Jack machine... Jack in the box, jumping Jack Flash... bahhhaaaaa... he has a great name.!!
    he was such a trooper too, sitting in his car seat for almost 6 hours, minus the little restaurant adventure... He's a great and funny shopper!