Saturday, 24 March 2012

Fisher Price's Appivity Case

I'm sure it is NO surprise to anyone that this toy has entered our lives. Jack has been exposed to Apple products from the first few minutes of his life (first pics awesomely taken by Grammie's iPhone) and I'm certain they'll surround him for MANY years to come. 

For $14.99 from Winners - adorable fun while protecting your iPhone!
For anyone who has an iPod Touch or iPhone and a baby to entertain I highly recommend picking one of these babies up! Absolutely hilarious to watch a baby play with the Fisher Price apps that are free downloads from the App Store. 

The case allows your device to easily snap in and be protected by a thin film that still allows you to use the touch screen but shields it from drool. The home button is inaccessible which is perfect as babies don't really need to be pushing any buttons anyway. 

It is also great to use during FaceTime so the baby won't hang up on people accidentally and can safely watch themselves in the camera. So Sweet!

Counting and Animal games!
Not only does he have an Apple obsessed family but his Daddy is proudly beginning a new career path with Apple working full time as the National Mentor for the Campus Rep Program and coordinator for the online education store. We're SO proud of Daddy for his hard work and excited for him to be working for one of the greatest companies in the world.

And now Daddy has got a lot to teach Jack about iPhones!


  1. So cute, and congrats to Scott on his new job. That's wonderful and I bet he's excited to move on with his career....

  2. I love this thing... Jack will be so entertained and learning at the same time... pretty smart idea, if you ask me.