Saturday, 10 March 2012

Fall Back, Spring Ahead

Tonight the clocks are changing - spring ahead! If you anything like me that will involve a moment of "oh.... Right okay I CAN do that kind of mental math". Feel comforted that the evenings will be lighter but you're going to lose sleep over it. Actually. That's right, this time change is the sucky one where you lose an hour of sleep.

Since I didn't get to share all of his hospital pics before - here they are!

But is this really the worst? Compared to the "Fall Back" we had, I'd say this one has some great benefits!

For many of you normal people the Fall Back was a fabulous night of going to bed knowing you will feel rested the next day. For myself and Scott - quite literally the longest night of our lives (or at least in recent memory.) You see the time change occurred midnight of Novemeber 5th (or in the wee hours of November 6th I'm still confused about the details) which was our first few hours of being parents. Oh my.

Enjoying some sunlight!

We had only had Jack a few hours when the sunlight faded and night descended. All of us had experienced a rather exhausting day (Although I am putting myself at the top of the list for most exhausted having birthed a nearly 10lb baby) and we wanted full nights sleep. Unfortunately sleep had become a luxury for us - we just didn't know it yet. Dunndunndunnn...

Getting checked up on by my nurse!

For me - my body recovering and my adrenaline through the roof I felt like a fly on the wall watching myself be exhausted and exhilarated all at once. For Scott, emotionally drained from a month of "any day now" mantra and the more unbearable "I can't believe I'm still pregnant" whining, he was ready to sleep like the dead.  For Jack - I can't say for certain, but I don't believe he was that troubled except for the annoying habit of having to put effort into eating rather than depend on an umbilical cord.

Exhausted Daddy - a real trooper spending the night sleeping in that chair!
The lights are all dimmed in the maternity ward and it is considerably quieter. Grammie headed home to care for our pets and the new night nurse came in to check on us and give Jack a sponge bath. She pointed out to us that there was a whiteboard to keeps track of feedings, poops and pees. We were welcome to use it as the nurses have a chart that they use to record their own official version.

Our whiteboard where we scrambled to keep track of it all.

I must admit I did scoff at the idea that we wouldn't be able to handle keeping track of such simple things. I mean we could always rattle off how many poops and pees our dog has on a walk and we fed her like clockwork.  But we were both very eager in our role as new parents and Scott took it upon himself to be the chronicler of Jacks first night.

Let the hat fashion show continue!

Around 11pm we were beginning to see the reasoning for the whiteboard. With the nurses coming and going checking on myself and Jack, trying to decode Jacks every sound from a grunt to a wail - we were not only close to losing track of what was going on but struggling to decipher our whiteboard records.

As the night progressed we caught a bit of sleep in shifts of 1 or two hours but were mostly in a zombied state unable to sleep in this environment and unable to keep awake after the events of the day. Of course before all of this the time change was the LAST thing our on minds and was just a cute anecdote in Jacks birth story.  When the clock rolled back on our first night in the hospital and our night was extended another hour we had a whole new outlook on the "blessing of the extra hour". And of course that the nights ahead of us that would be longer and darker until things started to turn around in the spring.

Cuddly little baby!

Now as we "Spring Ahead" I appreciate the awesomeness of daytime vs. night with a newborn and that it is ALWAYS harder at night than during the day.  So this year I welcome Spring Ahead - shorten up those nights and bring us more of that glorious sunshine!

Enjoying that sunshine!

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  1. Seems so long ago.. and look how far things have progressed since that wonderful day .. when we finally got to meet Jack. You forget the worry, the whining, the fear.... after he arrives... but when you have a friend going though the EXACT reality right now.. it brings it all back..