Friday, 23 March 2012

Eureka! A new walking route!

With a little thinking outside the box we've found a new walk route. The one problem with our location is that there aren't any great walking routes for a stroller and dog. On a fairly short private dirt road that ends on a busy 80km speed stretch of road there just isn't far we can safely go until now!

Beautiful Fredericton North Side (from the walking bridge)
With the weather being spring/summer-like we hopped in the car and headed out on an adventure!

Jack had a wonderful snooze and Lucy and I loved the beautiful views of the river in the sunshine.  Towards the end of our walk the lunch crowd was out and it became quite busy.

We even saw a samoyed dog. For those who don't know a American Eskimo dog like like driving a motorcycle or having an Xring. You are immediately part of a close knit fluffy white dog club that you always talk to and share with.
White dog approaching - I could only get this photo before having to tame Lucy.
We chatted with Chooki's owner and 4 year old friend and Lucy was well behaved although clearly terrified of the big dog. She enjoyed the little girls squeals and pats though.

Our 4km walk was so great we're headed out on it daily now - loving it!

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  1. I must say, Fredericton has the most wonderful walking trails. I love them all.. I don't even mind the bridge so much anymore (the walking one). I am so glad that you take advantage of the trails. Great for everyone.