Thursday, 8 March 2012

Did we mention we're moving?

Haha, just joking. Short and sweet today as there is much to be done around the house aside from oogling at a cutie baby in a box.

I just feel as though sometimes moving is all we talk about and do - yet I haven't posted enough to reflect just how all consuming it has been lately.

Who needs to see out the window anyway... 
But if you could see out the window today you would see that it is spring like weather so Scott is outside this morning taking apart the shed because the big movers are coming tomorrow which means we'll get to spend our first night in the new place tomorrow.

Fortunately Jack is keeping us all in good spirits with his smiles and laughter.  I am so looking forward to when I can write a post about being all moved in!


  1. Boys are just Better!!! ha ha.. cute. Love your new cutsy background for the blog.

    1. Haha we love that bib! I'm really digging the new background - its baby boy chic heehee.

  2. I am loving that he loves his bumbo... I was worried for a while! how fun... oh, I wish I was there to help you... but I will be there next week to sit on the sunny deck and drink my ties... baaaayyyhhhhhhhhaaaa