Sunday, 18 March 2012

And it begins... Food Glorious Food: The great cereal debate

Today is the day Jack steps into a larger world and becomes one of us - a foodie!

We have been excitedly waiting for him to show all the signs he is ready to begin his culinary adventures. While breast milk has been his main diet and we'll continue it as he is introduced to his solids, our nearly 20lb growing boy is ready to sample some cereals.

We have done epic amounts of research on this.  To the point where we are chasing our tails in circles trying to determine the best choice for our family and lifestyle.  Who would have known there are just so many options available to you today and so much to consider?!

With a wall of cereals, stages, flavours, consistencies and confusing packaging glaring at us in the baby aisle we retreated to our Mac's and doctors office to get the low down on what a baby needs, what a baby should avoid and what is really all a bunch of "hokum" as Sheldon Cooper would say.

Cost? Organic? Brown Rice? White Rice? Oatmeal? Iron fortified? Multigrain? Soy-free? Kosher? Homemade? It is enough to send any new parent into a spin.  At the end of the day we've realized it is best to choose what you are comfortable feeding your baby and suits your nutritional values.

We finally decided on Happy Times Brown Rice cereal to begin.  It embodies all the qualities we want for Jack to ease him into real food without fillers, soy, or unnecessary sugars/vitamins.

So now I bring you the rootin' tootin' sweetest boy on the block experiencing his first solid food meal.


Watching Daddy mix it up!

Discussing what is going to happen...

First bite!

First reaction!

Next bite....

Oh my that is different!

My absolute fav!

Overall it went great!


  1. lol its so funn! Thomas caughed and gagged a little at first but the second day was much better and the 3rd he loved it!! Keep us updated on food progress :)

  2. I really think he liked the green beer better than that.....but he will get used to the story. You are such great parents.