Monday, 5 March 2012

4 Months old Today!

Desperate to Crawl, Expert Napper, Connoisseur of Pet Hair, Player of Peekaboo, Videochatter, Stroller Enthusiast, Gummy Grinner, Car Seat Snoozer and Bath Time Splasher. 

Today Jack is four whole months old! He has his doctors appointment tomorrow for his next round of needles - so I will share his growth then. His photoshoot was a cutie one this morning - as he's frantic to crawl but not quite there yet - this involves a great deal of face plants which I am so glad I got a snap of. Soon I'll need to switch to the big camera - the iPhone won't be able to keep up with his movements!


  1. Love the post.. I have told everyone here today that Jack is 4 months old today... what a smart boy.. trying to crawl.. bahhaaa... then the pets and you will be hopping.. let me tell you.. and he will need a helmet in the new place for sure!

  2. Sweet baby. How quick time goes. Pretty soon he'll be cutting teeth and eating peas