Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Bring Back the Blogging

Woosh - where has time gone?! I'm sitting up now!
Okay - perhaps I was a little side-tracked by raising a baby and furry family (oh and you know still having a tiny bit of a life!) and completely missed out on blogging the amazing things that have happened in the past two months. For that I apologize.

BUT its nearly a new month and a great time for new beginnings. There are so many things I'd like to fill you in on as to what Scotty and I have been up to. Far too many for one blog entry. So I'll just say that over the next week I'll post daily to catch up the blogging world on our lives.

All I can say for today is this - the blog is back! We are Happily Hectic so far in 2012 and its time to make time for the blog again so our friends/family can keep up on our day to day, our Jackalope and ever changing life.

So Hello - we've missed you all. Check back daily for updates.

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