Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Jack Update

January and February have been long and cold. With winter really hitting its stride now I'm ever thankful to  be snuggled inside with Jack watching him grow. And boy has he ever been doing a lot of growing in 2012. Not only has he grown physically but we are seeing him meet so many mini-milestones mentally.

Enjoying some good books!
Jack now actively reaches for toys, stares up into faces and mimics expressions, and appears to be a bit bookwormy. Haha alright I'll admit that his interest in books is mainly colour based rather than focused on the plot. I do find it encouraging to see him enjoy story time rather than just blankly stare in the general direction of the book. For those new moms out there feeling as foolish as I did reading to a baby who is barely aware of his own hands - keep it up! In the last two weeks Jack has really shown a new interest in storybooks. If nothing else for the first few months it is a great way to snuggle with your baby and for them to listen to your voice.

Lucy keeping a watchful eye on Jack as he has tummy time.
On the physical side of things Jack is desperate to crawl, creep, or at least wiggle his bum up in the air. This boy is not content to just stay in one place and he's definitely set high goals for himself. I know this because he howls in disbelief and frustration when his attempts to move are less than successful after two minutes on the floor.  At first we all (Scott Jack and I) found this upsetting, but he does need to get a little frustrated to make any real progress. By helping him along and giving him time to explore his own muscle strength Jack has learned to enjoy his tummy time.

Some of Jack's most exciting milestones have been the little ones that developmental books don't seem to highlight or make you particularly aware of.  Jack being content to play with a toy that isn't animated by mommy or daddy has been hugely exciting as he learns to entertain himself. His latest favourite toys are anything that shake or rattle.

Daddy and Jack enjoying some music on the iPad.
Music has become a huge excitement in Jacks life as he is really starting to take in the sounds around him.  Whether it is little songs we sing to him, music coming from his little singing friend toy, or Coldplay concert videos his daddy enjoys watching with him. Jack is loving all the sounds and really focuses in on things that make noise including laptops and iPads with Skype running on them. Haha lets just say he participates in his fair share of video chatting to friends and family around the world.

Lucy making sure Jack gets his naps in during the day.
Above all, his most exciting milestone reached for everyone has been his sleeping through the night.  By definition for a baby "sleeping through the night" is sleeping for at least 5 hours in a row. Following that definition Jack is really sleeping through two nights haha.  He sleeps for 10 hours, roughly from 8:30pm to 5am then 5:30am to 7 with a feeding in the break. This didn't come about accidentally, we've all worked hard to set Jack up for success.  After following advice from a podcast I listen to weekly NewMomsNewBabies,  we worked hard to insure Jack was getting a good amount of naps in the daytime and all of his feedings during the day. Within two days we were able to set up a bedtime (with routine!) and he was pulling in 9 or 10 hours of sleep.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Bring Back the Blogging

Woosh - where has time gone?! I'm sitting up now!
Okay - perhaps I was a little side-tracked by raising a baby and furry family (oh and you know still having a tiny bit of a life!) and completely missed out on blogging the amazing things that have happened in the past two months. For that I apologize.

BUT its nearly a new month and a great time for new beginnings. There are so many things I'd like to fill you in on as to what Scotty and I have been up to. Far too many for one blog entry. So I'll just say that over the next week I'll post daily to catch up the blogging world on our lives.

All I can say for today is this - the blog is back! We are Happily Hectic so far in 2012 and its time to make time for the blog again so our friends/family can keep up on our day to day, our Jackalope and ever changing life.

So Hello - we've missed you all. Check back daily for updates.