Monday, 12 December 2011

Visiting everyone :)!

Jack had a busy week visiting people which he loves (although he spends most of his visiting time asleep). He was able to see Lyndsey and Asif, the ladies at our Vet who have been eagerly awaiting him since he was just a little bump, all the girls at my hair salon who were so sweet to pamper me in the weeks before he was born, , Uncle Sean and Aiden, Pat his Godfather for a whole weekend, Grammie Auntie Gail to see the beautiful quilt (it is so amazing) we helped her work on while waiting for Jack, and the whole Perkison family yesterday while we went down to Moncton to assemble our amazing Thule roofrack and carrier! (more on that later!)
Jack is getting all practiced up meeting people for his big trip to Greenwood where he's very excited to meet the town haha.

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