Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Mei Tai Wrap!

The Mei Tai wrap is a great style wrap inspired by traditional chinese wraps that were worn for hundreds of years by women to carry their babies constantly with them.  They are very practical and simple to craft. 

It is basically a square of fabric with four straps, two that tie around your waist and two that go over your shoulders and cross then tie under the baby's bum. You have the option to tuck in feet or have them hang out. Perfect for toting around baby!

I ordered this one off of Etsy (the greatest site in the world besides Pinterest) from a woman in England who does a great job crafting them. I know that Gail and Mom could have sewn one no problem but its nice to have one to work from as a template. Not to mention this woman added padding for comfort for both the wearer and the baby with great stitching!

Jack really enjoys being carried around in it (once he gets settled) and both Scott and I really enjoy wearing it around the house.  It is great for a 2 or 3 month old who can hold up their head (Jack is very nearly there so we use the little flap as a neck support for when he has his wobble moments).  In a couple weeks it will be just perfect for him. 

We both prefer the Mei Tai to the Moby for a few reasons: 
The Mei Tai is sturdier, you feel comfortable that the baby isn't going to flop out of the fabric. 
The Mei Tai has straps which make it easier to tie without bunching and it does bunch across your back. 
Jack is a big bulky baby and the Moby just didn't offer the support that the Mei Tai does. 
That said I think the Moby wrap is fabulous, but the Mei Tai is just a better fit for our needs. With a smaller baby I think that the Moby would be great. 

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