Friday, 9 December 2011

Its a Lego World!

Day one! Republic Cruiser!
(Yes Jack is really enjoying his Lego haha)
With a baby boy entering our family, we are both so excited for the potential to have loads of lego in our household once he is a little bit older! Scott was a huge lego fan as a kid and so he has been drooling over the Lego that has come out since he was a kid every time we duck into Toys R Us for baby things. 
That's right STAR WARS and LEGO together for one amazingly awesome Advent Calendar!

The other great thing about a baby boy is he's pretty likely to be in LOVE with Star Wars because it has become really popular again with the animated series etc.  Both of us are huge Star Wars fans its our rainy day/lazy evening movie we always turn to. We even had it on the iPad at the hospital in case we felt the urge to watch a movie if things were taking a long time. 

Droids, Republic Cruiser, Trade Federation guy, Boba Fett ship and Nute Gunray (lego man)

So naturally we were thrilled when Grammie and Grandpie sent Jack his first Advent calendar and it was Lego AND Star Wars! Scott has had SO much fun putting them together and we have enjoyed trying to guess which item is going to come next!  

Each day you open a little door and a little baggy of pieces are inside. For the first few days we stupidly tried to guess the item and build it, complaining that it was REALLY hard to do especially for the target age group making us feel a little insecure about our Lego building skills. Then Scott accidentally discovered that the instructions are on the inside of each little door and it has become a LOT easier! 

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  1. Most expensive advent calendar EVER!!! Glad you are enjoying it! :-) That Grammie is so clever!!!