Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Presents!

Jack and I were very busy end of November getting Shutterfly gifts made on the computer and we even crafted some really sweet "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments as gifts for family.  These ones were inspired by Pinterest.  Ordinarily it would be enough to make the dough, shape them, imprint them, bake and glaze... but with a newborn as my crafting partner it was a huge accomplishment to get anything made.  I'm so pleased with how they turned out despite our challenges.

That's right... after realizing that the Mod Podge I bought would smudge the sharpie I used to write on the ornament it was time to try anything in the house that would glaze. Turns out OPI works great haha... just a little pricey! 

I had hoped to do a handprint - but if any of you have ever tried to do a child's handprint you know they never want to hold still let alone open their fist.  Jack was no exception to the rule.  Abandoning my original idea I thought a footprint would be just as cute... however his feet are too big for the little circles I had cut. Desperate to get a footprint I discovered how cute his toe prints are and thus the ornament was created.

With a little help from the soother, Jack had no problem mushing his toes into the salt dough.. I actually think he enjoyed it a little. If you want to make any kind of ornaments just google Salt Dough. There are some really great creations.

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