Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Our First Big Outing! The Regent Mall

On Saturday we headed out to the mall to do some shopping! 
Celebrating being two weeks old! We headed out to the mall for shopping!

Even before we got into the car we did an outfit change. Jack decided to projectile spit up as we moved him into the carseat. Ah well!
Momma was able to find a pair of winter boots at Spring that she loved and matched her winter coat after checking out 4 different shoe stores! We window shopped at a bundle of stores, saw some of Momma's work kids and bought Daddy a pair of winter gloves.

We took the BOB and it was fabulous. We silently mocked all the other sub par strollers that were struggling with wheel locks etc INDOORS (geesh! Imagine how they'll suffer in the snow!). Ours is the very best and we enjoyed pushing it around. Aside from being comfy for Jack, easy to transport and unfold, fabulous to steer - it looked great!  We saw another couple pushing a BOB with a newborn in it and we exchanged a knowing nod, "Nice purchase! They are the best aren't they?!".  

Wahoo! Successful trip out into the world at 2 weeks old :)!
Jack was extra content being out and about the town that we were even able to head to Superstore and get our groceries.  He has his meal "to go" in the car and we even managed a diaper change in the backseat of the car. Gotta love the Fit it is really roomy inside despite its tiny build. 

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  1. Learning all the tricks to taking a baby out and about... love it...

    Great pics