Friday, 25 November 2011

The Moby Wrap

Okay you may be thinking "Breastfeeding? Cloth diapers? Cloth Wipes? Baby massage? Now baby wraps?!" but before you judge, we're not one of THOSE people. (Although we don't have cable... ) We just read a lot about babies before Jack arrived and sometimes the seemingly hippie/"Fruit&Nut Granola" methods are really the easiest and best with a little practice and patience.  The benefits to baby are proven and once you get into the groove of everything its easier and cheaper than the consumable options.

So our next adventure is baby wearing options.  We ordered a Mei Tai off Etsy to serve as a prototype example (so we can sew one in fun fabrics) and also to give us other options for baby wearing.  But we made two Moby wraps before Jack was born and this morning I thought it was time to revisit them!  I went to the official Moby website and was delighted they had a PDF available all about how to wear etc.

On the first try I was able to get it wrapped right. It was really easy to do alone which I didn't think it would be.  The next thing was getting Jack into the wrap safely which I was nervous about, but the instructions were right there on my phone and made it really simple.

Jack was in a sleepy/content mood and fell asleep immediately after being put in the wrap.  He slept like a log while I wiggled him around and walked around the house trying to get a feel for it.
We even took Lucy out for a pee and Jack didn't wake up.
(no, I'm Not going to drive wearing this I'm just standing in front of the car for the pic!)

Overall I give it four thumbs up (two mommy two baby) for comfort and practicality.  We will definitely be using this for walking around shopping rather than the heavy carseat! And of course for bopping around the house.

For those interested in making one - easy and affordable - check out this tutorial from Load of Craft!

For those who would like great instructions and more info check out the Moby Wrap Webpage!

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  1. I love that it worked! I am pleased that you were able to get it all together yourself... so fun. Will daddy try it again?