Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Jack's first snow!

Today we had our first major snowfall. It started early morning and it's still going now! School wasn't cancelled in Fredericton and UNB was still open so Scotty headed out to work.  Jack and I peeped at the snow all morning!

Once Daddy arrived home and had lunch we headed out into the snow! We bundled up because its not very cold out but a little windy, not to mention TONS of snow falling.

Jack loved the walk, slept through the whole thing except for a few baby bird noises. Daddy pushed the stroller - which did amazingly well in 4 inches of snow! It would have been more enjoyable if the sidewalk plow had gone by (its usually around before the street plows are) but Daddy just got a workout pushing through the snow.


Lucy had a blast - she always is so excited her first snowfall. Its almost like she forgets what snow is until she gets out n the first snowfall every year. She spent the whole walk running with her face in the snow eating it.

Now we're all back and in comfy pjs, snuggled into the warm living room! Daddy and Jack are playing Halo - and it begins... haha.

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  1. I am so glad you were out in it today... it was blustery windy here.. and so much snow... whew.....
    Daddy should be playing Mario instead of Halo.... I am sure Jack knows that sound already!!!