Monday, 14 November 2011

Jack Terrance Matheson November 5th 2011

Jack Terrance Matheson
November 5th, 2011 3:49pm
9lb 11oz  21.5in
Good morning everyone! I'm finally here - the waiting is over! 
Lazy morning buddies <3
I'm 9 days old today - a lot has gone on! I've been to see the nurses at the mother/baby clinic and my family doctor who all say me and momma are doing fab health wise! They are so pleased with my feeding, pooping and peeing routine. Momma and Daddy got praise too for making such a big healthy baby :D!
In the elevator at the DECH going to the Mother/Baby clinic for my 48 hour checkup.

Daddy burping me at the Mother/Baby clinic. Everything at my checkup went perfectly :)
I'm a healthy healthy healthy BIG baby! I love to shock everyone with my size and strength for being so new!
We had our Grammie here all week with us helping take care of Momma and Daddy so that they could take care of me! She baked tons of yummy treats like muffins, squares, and cookies as well as cooking dinners, walking Lucy, and walking with me at night when I was extra adorable (or fussy.. But I'm not sure I'm ever fussy though hee hee).  We so appreciate all of her help!

I had everyone in the bathroom with me Saturday night for my first bath in my Winnie the Pooh tub (thanks auntie Ashley - it was perfect!). When I say everyone I mean Momma, Daddy Grammie, Lucy, Apollo and Sirius. Everyone was ready for screaming and splashing - but I surprised them all by sleeping right through it all. 

I'm into my bumGenius diapers now and I must say I'm really handsome in them - and they work great! I am not the kind of baby that enjoys sitting in a wet diaper (reusable or disposable) and I make it known when I need to be changed.
Looking good trying on my diaper for the first time - soothingly soft on my tookas!

 I skipped right over size newborn diapers into size 1 so my bumGenius diapers fit just right, and its a good thing too because in 5 days I went through a whole package of disposable diapers (Not so easy on the pocket book). Also, I have been spoiled by being wiped down with cloth wipes rather than disposable wipes so we aren't putting out near as many bags of garbage into the landfills and my tooshie loves the soft, wet cloth rather than cold wipes.
Flowers from Daddy for Momma! So beautiful!

Momma and Me!

Cuddling in the night with Daddy after a great burping!

If you were wondering what my Momma and Daddy looked like when they were babies have a peek at these! 
Momma as a newborn - December 1986

Daddy as a baby - Winter 1987


  1. Thanks for this wonderful blog update Michelle! Jack looks so content - great tribute to you and Scott ( and Grammie of course - for taking such good care of everything so that you could focus on Jack)
    Enjoy the most wonderful responsibility that you will ever have - being a parent is so rewarding!

  2. I love all this pictures of adorable Jack! You are doing so amazing! I'm so proud of you! xoxo