Friday, 25 November 2011


Yesterday was a busy work day for Scotty, so I ventured out alone for our walk. Our "What to Expect" book has a postpartum regiment for new moms to follow to help fight off baby blues. The three big things are have a support network of friends/family, eat a proper diet and exercise/get out of the house.  I put my fears of going out alone in the back of my mind and tried it out. I'm so glad I did - we were out for an hour and loved it.
May 2011
Many months ago when we bought our BOB I poked fun at the promotional material "Today I found my Freedom".  I take that mocking back now - they were totally right. With the right equipment its easy to get out of the house with a dog and baby in all weather.

It was so nice to be able to go out and be able to do it all alone. Not that I don't love going for a walk as a family, but having the freedom to go out in the snow and not need a second person to push the stroller or help lift it over snow piles etc.

I was able to comfortably walk Lucy and push the stroller.  The braking system on the BOB is very user friendly so I was able to put the brake on often to adjust the leash and scoop poop. Lucy was a dream - she is an excellent listener thanks to Lietash dog training we did with her two years ago now.

Given the right commands she knows to sit and stay when I'm stopped with the stroller whether it is to check on Jack or scoop Lucy poop. She also knows to get out of the way of the wheels and that her place is on the left side of the stroller and there isn't the option to go side to side. She wins the award for Most Improved Doggy and Best Big Sister Dog.

Jack also was fab on his walk. It was warm enough today to open up his canopy a little to let him really check out what the outside world is like. He loved looking around and make tons of funny faces and little bird chirps.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Jack is so adorable! That last picture just made me melt! Can't wait to meet him!