Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas Decorating

Well we decorated our tree, put up decorations and snapped some pics of Jack looking cute and festive!

Friday, 25 November 2011

The Moby Wrap

Okay you may be thinking "Breastfeeding? Cloth diapers? Cloth Wipes? Baby massage? Now baby wraps?!" but before you judge, we're not one of THOSE people. (Although we don't have cable... ) We just read a lot about babies before Jack arrived and sometimes the seemingly hippie/"Fruit&Nut Granola" methods are really the easiest and best with a little practice and patience.  The benefits to baby are proven and once you get into the groove of everything its easier and cheaper than the consumable options.

So our next adventure is baby wearing options.  We ordered a Mei Tai off Etsy to serve as a prototype example (so we can sew one in fun fabrics) and also to give us other options for baby wearing.  But we made two Moby wraps before Jack was born and this morning I thought it was time to revisit them!  I went to the official Moby website and was delighted they had a PDF available all about how to wear etc.

On the first try I was able to get it wrapped right. It was really easy to do alone which I didn't think it would be.  The next thing was getting Jack into the wrap safely which I was nervous about, but the instructions were right there on my phone and made it really simple.

Jack was in a sleepy/content mood and fell asleep immediately after being put in the wrap.  He slept like a log while I wiggled him around and walked around the house trying to get a feel for it.
We even took Lucy out for a pee and Jack didn't wake up.
(no, I'm Not going to drive wearing this I'm just standing in front of the car for the pic!)

Overall I give it four thumbs up (two mommy two baby) for comfort and practicality.  We will definitely be using this for walking around shopping rather than the heavy carseat! And of course for bopping around the house.

For those interested in making one - easy and affordable - check out this tutorial from Load of Craft!

For those who would like great instructions and more info check out the Moby Wrap Webpage!


Yesterday was a busy work day for Scotty, so I ventured out alone for our walk. Our "What to Expect" book has a postpartum regiment for new moms to follow to help fight off baby blues. The three big things are have a support network of friends/family, eat a proper diet and exercise/get out of the house.  I put my fears of going out alone in the back of my mind and tried it out. I'm so glad I did - we were out for an hour and loved it.
May 2011
Many months ago when we bought our BOB I poked fun at the promotional material "Today I found my Freedom".  I take that mocking back now - they were totally right. With the right equipment its easy to get out of the house with a dog and baby in all weather.

It was so nice to be able to go out and be able to do it all alone. Not that I don't love going for a walk as a family, but having the freedom to go out in the snow and not need a second person to push the stroller or help lift it over snow piles etc.

I was able to comfortably walk Lucy and push the stroller.  The braking system on the BOB is very user friendly so I was able to put the brake on often to adjust the leash and scoop poop. Lucy was a dream - she is an excellent listener thanks to Lietash dog training we did with her two years ago now.

Given the right commands she knows to sit and stay when I'm stopped with the stroller whether it is to check on Jack or scoop Lucy poop. She also knows to get out of the way of the wheels and that her place is on the left side of the stroller and there isn't the option to go side to side. She wins the award for Most Improved Doggy and Best Big Sister Dog.

Jack also was fab on his walk. It was warm enough today to open up his canopy a little to let him really check out what the outside world is like. He loved looking around and make tons of funny faces and little bird chirps.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Jack's first snow!

Today we had our first major snowfall. It started early morning and it's still going now! School wasn't cancelled in Fredericton and UNB was still open so Scotty headed out to work.  Jack and I peeped at the snow all morning!

Once Daddy arrived home and had lunch we headed out into the snow! We bundled up because its not very cold out but a little windy, not to mention TONS of snow falling.

Jack loved the walk, slept through the whole thing except for a few baby bird noises. Daddy pushed the stroller - which did amazingly well in 4 inches of snow! It would have been more enjoyable if the sidewalk plow had gone by (its usually around before the street plows are) but Daddy just got a workout pushing through the snow.


Lucy had a blast - she always is so excited her first snowfall. Its almost like she forgets what snow is until she gets out n the first snowfall every year. She spent the whole walk running with her face in the snow eating it.

Now we're all back and in comfy pjs, snuggled into the warm living room! Daddy and Jack are playing Halo - and it begins... haha.

Our First Big Outing! The Regent Mall

On Saturday we headed out to the mall to do some shopping! 
Celebrating being two weeks old! We headed out to the mall for shopping!

Even before we got into the car we did an outfit change. Jack decided to projectile spit up as we moved him into the carseat. Ah well!
Momma was able to find a pair of winter boots at Spring that she loved and matched her winter coat after checking out 4 different shoe stores! We window shopped at a bundle of stores, saw some of Momma's work kids and bought Daddy a pair of winter gloves.

We took the BOB and it was fabulous. We silently mocked all the other sub par strollers that were struggling with wheel locks etc INDOORS (geesh! Imagine how they'll suffer in the snow!). Ours is the very best and we enjoyed pushing it around. Aside from being comfy for Jack, easy to transport and unfold, fabulous to steer - it looked great!  We saw another couple pushing a BOB with a newborn in it and we exchanged a knowing nod, "Nice purchase! They are the best aren't they?!".  

Wahoo! Successful trip out into the world at 2 weeks old :)!
Jack was extra content being out and about the town that we were even able to head to Superstore and get our groceries.  He has his meal "to go" in the car and we even managed a diaper change in the backseat of the car. Gotta love the Fit it is really roomy inside despite its tiny build. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Jack and Taggy!

Grammie Auntie Gail made this little gem for Jack - Its a sensory toy! Pinned from Pinterest it is the cutest little toy I've seen in a long time! I love all the colours and the high contrast face. I'm not the only one either, Jack is very taken with his little friend.  He is starting to really take interest in his surroundings and Taggy has been a fun little friend to look at!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas!

Thats right! Papa Momma and Jack Rat are all ready for the cold weather and Holiday season.
(Yes I really knit those little hats - isn't Mat leave wonderful haha) 
Well now that we are more settled into a routine with Jack its time we tackled getting ready for Christmas! this means we've started decorating the house, shopping for gifts and preparing for sending out Christmas cards.  

We were lucky enough to get a dusting of snow last night so we took advantage and got outside this morning before the sun melted it to take a snap for the card! Now I won't show you the cards (You'll have to wait for the mailman to deliver it!) but I will share the photo.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Review of Weekly progress!

I've waited a while to put these three photos together :) 

                                 39 1/2 weeks                   40 1/2 weeks                   42 weeks 

It looks exactly as I hoped it would! 

Monday, 14 November 2011

Jack Terrance Matheson November 5th 2011

Jack Terrance Matheson
November 5th, 2011 3:49pm
9lb 11oz  21.5in
Good morning everyone! I'm finally here - the waiting is over! 
Lazy morning buddies <3
I'm 9 days old today - a lot has gone on! I've been to see the nurses at the mother/baby clinic and my family doctor who all say me and momma are doing fab health wise! They are so pleased with my feeding, pooping and peeing routine. Momma and Daddy got praise too for making such a big healthy baby :D!
In the elevator at the DECH going to the Mother/Baby clinic for my 48 hour checkup.

Daddy burping me at the Mother/Baby clinic. Everything at my checkup went perfectly :)
I'm a healthy healthy healthy BIG baby! I love to shock everyone with my size and strength for being so new!
We had our Grammie here all week with us helping take care of Momma and Daddy so that they could take care of me! She baked tons of yummy treats like muffins, squares, and cookies as well as cooking dinners, walking Lucy, and walking with me at night when I was extra adorable (or fussy.. But I'm not sure I'm ever fussy though hee hee).  We so appreciate all of her help!

I had everyone in the bathroom with me Saturday night for my first bath in my Winnie the Pooh tub (thanks auntie Ashley - it was perfect!). When I say everyone I mean Momma, Daddy Grammie, Lucy, Apollo and Sirius. Everyone was ready for screaming and splashing - but I surprised them all by sleeping right through it all. 

I'm into my bumGenius diapers now and I must say I'm really handsome in them - and they work great! I am not the kind of baby that enjoys sitting in a wet diaper (reusable or disposable) and I make it known when I need to be changed.
Looking good trying on my diaper for the first time - soothingly soft on my tookas!

 I skipped right over size newborn diapers into size 1 so my bumGenius diapers fit just right, and its a good thing too because in 5 days I went through a whole package of disposable diapers (Not so easy on the pocket book). Also, I have been spoiled by being wiped down with cloth wipes rather than disposable wipes so we aren't putting out near as many bags of garbage into the landfills and my tooshie loves the soft, wet cloth rather than cold wipes.
Flowers from Daddy for Momma! So beautiful!

Momma and Me!

Cuddling in the night with Daddy after a great burping!

If you were wondering what my Momma and Daddy looked like when they were babies have a peek at these! 
Momma as a newborn - December 1986

Daddy as a baby - Winter 1987