Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Nesting Knitting

A combination of being in my 38th week of pregnancy and attempting to rest with my feet up has led to a knitting craze in our living room. Yarn and needles and thread everywhere as I have obsessively been knitting hats for a few days. 
I finally finished my Hungry Caterpillar outfit for Jack - I'm so pleased with how it turned out I can wait to snuggle him up into it! 
 A few for Jack and a few for my coworkers! 
I have been making a couple flower hats for my coworkers as they have put in requests for this winter!
Its nice to make a little cash on the side :)!  The red and grey one is for me however - its just missing a large black button as my Lest we Forget hat!
Its nice to have such dedicated pets too -
Lucy is encouraging me to rest and relax by keeping me company and doing the same!

1 comment:

  1. Love all the hats... I love the "Lest we Forget" one the best... nice idea...
    Lucy is enjoying the sun spot on the carpet!