Saturday, 17 September 2011

In a kitchen far, far away....

Well - not really. In fact it was our kitchen this morning! 
We love The Wars, so this set of pancake molds was really made for us.

The ONLY Spatula for the job!

We had a blast making them and they tasted great too!
(Are you shocked this isn't a baby blog?! Us too - don't worry a nursery update blog is coming up!)


  1. yoda... the best... me likes.

  2. One day I called your parents house to talk to your Mom but she wasn't there so I chatted with your Dad. He made a joke about Star Wars and I said I didn't get it and told him I had never seen Star Wars and didn't even know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek. He was so angry and in complete disbelief that he wanted to hang up on me. bahahahaha!
    Your pancakes are super cute though! I know one of them is Darth Vader (but I only know that from visiting DisneyWorld!) LOL!