Saturday, 24 September 2011

36 week ultrasound!

We were at the hospital (for potentially our last time before actually bringing Jack into the world!!) for our scheduled 3rd trimester ultrasound.  It isn't a routine thing in New Brunswick to have any other ultrasound except your 20wkish one, but since we've had some complications with the placenta they wanted to double check that we were good to go and didn't need to schedule a C-section. Lucky us :)!
Seeing Jack again was really neat - fortunately Scott was able to hang around in the room while the technician did the full measurements all over as well as checked the placement of the placenta. It was a good thing too because we needed all that extra ogling time to figure out what we were looking at. Since he's grown so much and gotten so big it isn't clear what is an arm or a shoulder or a nose now. With the guidance of the technician we could see a little hand (with the right amount of fingers!) face, profile, heart beating, umbilical cord, bum, femur bone (that was very neat) and top of the head. She also pointed out his liver, kidneys, stomach, lungs but we had to take her word on those because they looked like little black blobs inside his abdomen.
Results - well we didn't' get very many! Since she is just the technician and not the radiologist she can't really tell us a lot except for show us things.  But never fear I have my appointment with my OB on Tuesday and so hopefully he will have my results to share. One thing she was able to tell us was that the placenta is up out of the way and so everything is good :).

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  1. When you look at his face in the first picture, he really looks like a chubby little baby. Its so hard to believe he will be here in a month... wow.