Saturday, 24 September 2011

36 week ultrasound!

We were at the hospital (for potentially our last time before actually bringing Jack into the world!!) for our scheduled 3rd trimester ultrasound.  It isn't a routine thing in New Brunswick to have any other ultrasound except your 20wkish one, but since we've had some complications with the placenta they wanted to double check that we were good to go and didn't need to schedule a C-section. Lucky us :)!
Seeing Jack again was really neat - fortunately Scott was able to hang around in the room while the technician did the full measurements all over as well as checked the placement of the placenta. It was a good thing too because we needed all that extra ogling time to figure out what we were looking at. Since he's grown so much and gotten so big it isn't clear what is an arm or a shoulder or a nose now. With the guidance of the technician we could see a little hand (with the right amount of fingers!) face, profile, heart beating, umbilical cord, bum, femur bone (that was very neat) and top of the head. She also pointed out his liver, kidneys, stomach, lungs but we had to take her word on those because they looked like little black blobs inside his abdomen.
Results - well we didn't' get very many! Since she is just the technician and not the radiologist she can't really tell us a lot except for show us things.  But never fear I have my appointment with my OB on Tuesday and so hopefully he will have my results to share. One thing she was able to tell us was that the placenta is up out of the way and so everything is good :).

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Nursery Complete!

Okay - As promised here are some shots of the nursery with everything complete. Our mattress is away having sheets made for it (Thanks mom) and so we're storing some things in the crib for the moment like packed hospital bags and carseat. Things like the swing and little blue chair are likely going to live elsewhere in the house but for now they're sitting pretty holding bears and waiting for baby Jack. 
We are so pleased with it - just add baby and it is perfect for us :)!

The handsomest kitty of all really enjoying the nursery which he seems to believe belongs to him!

A huge Thank you to Gail for making us beautiful curtains - they certainly have made the room feel finished and oh so cozy!

Lucy modelling on our adorable rug!

Diapers Diapers Diapers!

Are you tired of hearing about our fabulous cloth diapers yet? Haha, one more thing to share before we actually get to post about practically using them not just fawning over them.

We did their manufacturer recommended prewash cycles and dry - and we're pleasantly pleased with how well they've held up looking identical as how they arrived.  Because our diapers have organic natural cotton they needed to be pre washed a few times to break down the fibers and get them to be more absorbent.

 There is some flexibility on how we wash and dry them so we think the first few weeks will be experimental (we'll share our successes and failures for those pondering the cloth diaper adventure for their own little ones).  For this first time we low heat dried them then left them out to air dry the rest of the way.  Some people recommend air drying or sun drying to avoid breaking down the elastics in the diapers - but its not always practical to wait a day to air dry in the middle of winter.

We are just so darn excited for our little bundle to get here and try these cutie diapers onto his touchiee.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Ready to Harvest!

This past Sunday we headed out to Johnny Appleseed UPick to get some delicious apples picked for baking this week and next. We love going there because it isn't too crowded, the people are nice farmer types and the orchard is beautiful. Its out in Keswick Ridge, a good 20 minute drive along the river. We went there last year also and took this lovely snapshot (which we used for our Christmas cards).

While we were picking this year we took along the tripod and snapped some photos of this big baby belly as a nice keepsake.  It was just as beautiful of a day as last year - we're truly blessed to live in such a gorgeous part of the world!

We're so exited to meet this little man - he's stolen our hearts already! 

Saturday, 17 September 2011

In a kitchen far, far away....

Well - not really. In fact it was our kitchen this morning! 
We love The Wars, so this set of pancake molds was really made for us.

The ONLY Spatula for the job!

We had a blast making them and they tasted great too!
(Are you shocked this isn't a baby blog?! Us too - don't worry a nursery update blog is coming up!)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

34 Weeks and counting!

Here are two shots of me in the nursery on Sunday while we were getting it all sorted out (again) trying to get things into their final spot. With so many wonderful gifts from friends and family we are in constant rearranging mode when it comes to the nursery!

This week I"ll post some nice pictures of it up on the blog for all to see!