Sunday, 7 August 2011

Poop Management has never been so cute! (and economical)

One choice Scott and I have made after a HUGE amount of research is to cloth diaper our little Jack. A combination of saving money while saving the environment, we're really enthused to get going on it. Well, as enthusiastic you can be about baby pooh management hee hee.

For those who haven't really dived into the world of cloth diapering it has really changed since our previous generation and they are quite the sophisticated pieces of technology.  They are less likely to leak and be less irritating to the babies skin than traditional disposable diaper.  Though the initial startup cost is a couple hundred $$, the benefits and overall savings are incredible considering a baby can use anywhere from 2,000-3000 diapers in the first year alone.

We've decided on the All-In-One Elemental bumGenius diapers with snap closures.  This means they work JUST like a disposable diaper (no liners no covers necessary) but you have the advantage of reusing them with a simple wash. For those curious - here is what they look like :
And here are the adorable colours they come in!
For Jack we ordered 2 of each Sweet, Noodle, Moonbeam, Ribbit, Clementine, Butternut, Grasshopper and Twilight.

We also purchased a diaper sprayer, a sort of mini shower head that attaches to your toilet and helps clean off the diapers before storing them and washing.  This also insures that the baby waste is going to the right places and not into our landfills.

Another consideration with cloth diapering is the detergent used for cleaning them.  Typical detergents have too much additives and chemicals which can leave residue and break down the diapers.  Being in a small city we were concerned about having a store to sell something that would suit our detergent needs. But never fear Fredericton - there are at least TWO stores for us to shop at that carry our choice detergent called Rocking Green.

We feel that this is the right choice or us and baby Jack, and it definitely depends on the individual family as I don't think this system would work for everyone. We are desperately excited for our order to arrive in the mail, and even more eager to try it all out when Jack arrives. I think it will make the chore of changing that first dirty diaper a little less yucky. 

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