Thursday, 4 August 2011

Decorating Jackapalooza!

Today we got to work on getting some things settled in their rightful spots in the nursery.  All morning I washed all his new clothes and blankets, categorized by age group and will put away into spots tomorrow. This afternoon we put up our beloved Trendy Peas wall decal.  

It was just as stunning in person as online and we were able to customize our colours. I highly recommend to anyone looking for children's art or nature decals to check out their website we are completely satisfied customers!

We also were able to place some objects from the shower into place in Jack's room! His JACK blocks from Grandpie found a home on the window ledge for now with some owls, but we may move it around once the other dresser arrives.

Yesterday our baby room rug arrived from Home Depot so we rushed off to pick it up, and laid it out to flatten overnight. Today we walked all over it and really enjoyed how soft it is on the feet and easy on the eyes. It looks like pebbles in a river which is ideal for our nature theme!

I also went to the fabric store today and picked out a fabric for curtains and other items in the room! We both LOVE the nature-ish leaves and branches, yet it has a lot of our colours in it. 

We unpacked and assembled a yardsale steal from way back in June - really happy with it as well. It rocks the baby side to side or front to back so we're hoping Jack will enjoy being rocked. If not, Kijiji! For a mere $15 the price was right! (Thanks to Grammie for carrying it all the way back to the car haha) 

Next for the room is hanging up clothing, putting clothes in drawers and finding homes for the rest of Jacks stuff around the room. 

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  1. Everything looks so pretty, already! What fun for you two.. the fabric is nice...we will get to work on that stuff in the early fall...