Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Baby Shower

This weekend while home in the Valley I was fortunate enough to have a baby shower hosted for me by Debbie and Ashley Walker! It was incredible - both the set up of the party and the games, not to mention all the lovely gifts people had for us and baby Jack.  The weather was perfect - warm and sunny with little humidity.

We played two hilarious games - one was a quiz on old wives tales where you had to choose boy or girl for each one and the person with the highest won. I figured that I would do well and base my answers on my own experience.  Hahah out of the 15 I got 4 right, to which my dad said, "And that tells you all you need to know about Old Wives Tales!"
The next game we played was really entertaining as it focused all on the baby bump! Each person was given a chance to measure a length of adorable ribbon that said "How big is Mommys belly?" that they figured would be the perfect length to fit around me at my widest.

It was really interesting to see the different ways people gauged their measurements and then to try them all on! My measurement was really close to being perfect. Paula was bang on, and everyone else was in the category of overshooting. Really fun to try them all on and see how close everyone was!

As for all the gifts - Jack one spoiled boy!! We received an incredible amount of clothes, books, toys and accessories for him. Both Scott and I were blown away at everyone's generosity - and thankful!
After the shower we all retreated home with the loot and after dinner took everything out again to review, fold,  and unwrap/unpackage! Amazingly everything was able to fit into our Fit today for the car ride home - along with our 5 pets and Scott's golf clubs and our luggage.

Little car doesn't mean less room!
Scotty is the master of packing! Everything fit in the FIT!

We cannot wait to try on all the little items on Jack, read all the books to him, wiggle all the toys in his face and use every little item we received. The shower made us realize how desperately excited we are to have him come into our lives and begin our adventure as new parents :)!

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  1. You failed to mention that your smart mama won the "wifes' tale" game! So, does that mean I am extra smart or that I know a lot of wifes tales!