Thursday, 18 August 2011

The diapers have landed!

Scotty is off to Montreal today - so I am celebrating the arrival of our diapers solo this evening! I took a bundle of snapshots to share. Don't mind the lighting, its early evening and the sunshine is making it all washed out. (Not to mention our shocking bathroom lighting)
But you can enjoy all the bumgenius brilliance with me through these pics!

The interior of the diaper! It has two large sewn in absorbent pads that will be oh so soft of Jacks bum as they are made with organic cotton!
Oh Snap!! Haha, there are a LOT of them for sizing around his middle and his legs!

Mama's eye view!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Poop Management has never been so cute! (and economical)

One choice Scott and I have made after a HUGE amount of research is to cloth diaper our little Jack. A combination of saving money while saving the environment, we're really enthused to get going on it. Well, as enthusiastic you can be about baby pooh management hee hee.

For those who haven't really dived into the world of cloth diapering it has really changed since our previous generation and they are quite the sophisticated pieces of technology.  They are less likely to leak and be less irritating to the babies skin than traditional disposable diaper.  Though the initial startup cost is a couple hundred $$, the benefits and overall savings are incredible considering a baby can use anywhere from 2,000-3000 diapers in the first year alone.

We've decided on the All-In-One Elemental bumGenius diapers with snap closures.  This means they work JUST like a disposable diaper (no liners no covers necessary) but you have the advantage of reusing them with a simple wash. For those curious - here is what they look like :
And here are the adorable colours they come in!
For Jack we ordered 2 of each Sweet, Noodle, Moonbeam, Ribbit, Clementine, Butternut, Grasshopper and Twilight.

We also purchased a diaper sprayer, a sort of mini shower head that attaches to your toilet and helps clean off the diapers before storing them and washing.  This also insures that the baby waste is going to the right places and not into our landfills.

Another consideration with cloth diapering is the detergent used for cleaning them.  Typical detergents have too much additives and chemicals which can leave residue and break down the diapers.  Being in a small city we were concerned about having a store to sell something that would suit our detergent needs. But never fear Fredericton - there are at least TWO stores for us to shop at that carry our choice detergent called Rocking Green.

We feel that this is the right choice or us and baby Jack, and it definitely depends on the individual family as I don't think this system would work for everyone. We are desperately excited for our order to arrive in the mail, and even more eager to try it all out when Jack arrives. I think it will make the chore of changing that first dirty diaper a little less yucky. 

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Decorating Jackapalooza!

Today we got to work on getting some things settled in their rightful spots in the nursery.  All morning I washed all his new clothes and blankets, categorized by age group and will put away into spots tomorrow. This afternoon we put up our beloved Trendy Peas wall decal.  

It was just as stunning in person as online and we were able to customize our colours. I highly recommend to anyone looking for children's art or nature decals to check out their website we are completely satisfied customers!

We also were able to place some objects from the shower into place in Jack's room! His JACK blocks from Grandpie found a home on the window ledge for now with some owls, but we may move it around once the other dresser arrives.

Yesterday our baby room rug arrived from Home Depot so we rushed off to pick it up, and laid it out to flatten overnight. Today we walked all over it and really enjoyed how soft it is on the feet and easy on the eyes. It looks like pebbles in a river which is ideal for our nature theme!

I also went to the fabric store today and picked out a fabric for curtains and other items in the room! We both LOVE the nature-ish leaves and branches, yet it has a lot of our colours in it. 

We unpacked and assembled a yardsale steal from way back in June - really happy with it as well. It rocks the baby side to side or front to back so we're hoping Jack will enjoy being rocked. If not, Kijiji! For a mere $15 the price was right! (Thanks to Grammie for carrying it all the way back to the car haha) 

Next for the room is hanging up clothing, putting clothes in drawers and finding homes for the rest of Jacks stuff around the room. 

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Baby Shower

This weekend while home in the Valley I was fortunate enough to have a baby shower hosted for me by Debbie and Ashley Walker! It was incredible - both the set up of the party and the games, not to mention all the lovely gifts people had for us and baby Jack.  The weather was perfect - warm and sunny with little humidity.

We played two hilarious games - one was a quiz on old wives tales where you had to choose boy or girl for each one and the person with the highest won. I figured that I would do well and base my answers on my own experience.  Hahah out of the 15 I got 4 right, to which my dad said, "And that tells you all you need to know about Old Wives Tales!"
The next game we played was really entertaining as it focused all on the baby bump! Each person was given a chance to measure a length of adorable ribbon that said "How big is Mommys belly?" that they figured would be the perfect length to fit around me at my widest.

It was really interesting to see the different ways people gauged their measurements and then to try them all on! My measurement was really close to being perfect. Paula was bang on, and everyone else was in the category of overshooting. Really fun to try them all on and see how close everyone was!

As for all the gifts - Jack one spoiled boy!! We received an incredible amount of clothes, books, toys and accessories for him. Both Scott and I were blown away at everyone's generosity - and thankful!
After the shower we all retreated home with the loot and after dinner took everything out again to review, fold,  and unwrap/unpackage! Amazingly everything was able to fit into our Fit today for the car ride home - along with our 5 pets and Scott's golf clubs and our luggage.

Little car doesn't mean less room!
Scotty is the master of packing! Everything fit in the FIT!

We cannot wait to try on all the little items on Jack, read all the books to him, wiggle all the toys in his face and use every little item we received. The shower made us realize how desperately excited we are to have him come into our lives and begin our adventure as new parents :)!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Happy Birthday Scotty the Hottie!

August 1st 2011 - Scotty's 24th birthday!!
We spent the morning bringing both Trudy and Joan up to Halifax after they were able to spend the whole weekend with us :). It was so nice to have them both there for the shower and we were sad to say goodbyes for now. 
After returning home to Greenwood we spent the afternoon relaxing on the deck with cold drinks as the temperature skyrocketed to over thirty not counting the humidity. 
We enjoyed the traditional "Scotty Birthday Feast" which was a bucket of chicken cooked especially for him by the Colonel, potatoes and a yummy dessert! 

Scotty and I are saving for a family trip to Iceland in 2013 and we've decided that for birthdays, anniversaries etc we will gift each other a chunk of savings into our "Iceland Fund" instead of a material gift.  For those Seinfeld lovers out there we joked about it being called the "Human Fund" hence the goofy certificate I printed up. (After it was printed of course I crossed it out and put it Iceland)

All in all a fabulous and restful birthday after a very busy weekend filled with friends and family :)!