Sunday, 3 July 2011

Vacation Week!

We had a lovely week visiting Scottys parents in Ottawa. We did lots of really fun things throughout the city and at the cottage - including getting to visit with his uncle and grandparents! Here are a bundle of snapshots from our trip!
We went downtown on Monday to meet Matty for lunch at Dunn's Deli . We walked all around and enjoyed some hot Ottawa weather!

We went to the Air Museum and scoped out a bundle of really fab planes.  Scotty know so much about them I had my own personal tourguide :) We even picked up a little something for Jack's room!

Don't worry- of course Lucy came along too!
Here she is in Ottawa at the Matheson's lovely backyard. 

She was an excellent traveller all the way there and back from Ontario in the car. 

Even knows how to turn on her charm while passed out in the backseat.
What a cutie!

Our BEST highway sighting - on the 401 while we were outside Kingston on the way to the cottage!

We also went to the Trenton Air museum when we were at the cottage. This is is a Halifax Bomber they pulled out of a lake in Europe from WWII and restored. Incredible!

Family snapshot!

 For Canada we went out on a boat to enjoy downtown from a different perspective with Scotts parents and their friends. It was really incredible to see the downtown from the peace of the river on Canada day!
Happy Canada Day!

The Snowbirds!! 

All in all a great vacation! 

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