Saturday, 9 July 2011

Saturday Morning Market Trip!

Despite the pouring rain we headed out into the wilds of Fredericton to go to the market to gather up supplies to make a yummy weekend dinner !  We always talk about getting a whole dinner worth of supplies there and seem to run out of motivation once we get there and try to battle the crowds. But we are so glad we did, and realized it wasn't really too much battling at all.
We adore the Boyce Farmers Market for all of its crafts and local produce - not to mention the great service, vendors and outdoor food carts.

Here's what we picked up while we were at the market

Herbs and Spice Havarti Cheese (the selection was overwhelming - but we're glad we picked this one!)

Two sirlion tip steaks (that they cut right there for us)
12 Samosas (6 Mild Veg, 6 Mild Chicken)

Corn on the cob

Cinnamon bun cake

Not appearing in photos : our traditional 2 x 500ml orange juices and a dog treat "twist" for Lucy. They were gobbled up before the camera was ready for snapshots haha.

What is everyone else making for their weekend dinners? I love hearing new meal ideas too haha!

The rain seemed to hold off all morning except for a few dribbles, but it looks gloomy outside. It's the kind of weather that makes you feel like doing nothing except lay on the couch in comfy warm clothes. 
And so we will <3 !


Enjoy your weekend everyone ! 

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  1. So how was supper.. looks great.. and actually the corn looks so yummy, I am now in the mood!
    The cinnamon bun cake looks awesome...