Monday, 4 July 2011

Jack's Room Furniture

Scotty has been working really hard to put together all of our furniture for Jack's room that we brought back from Ottawa. After minimal frustration and a lot of hammering it all came together nicely (Gotta Love Ikea!)

The bag of tricks to make it all come together!

Happy Helper!

Busy building and lining up the boards for the mattress to lay on. 

Last few screws!
Apollo loving the tissue paper!
Sirius enjoying the HUGE cardboard box!
 We absolutely love it and we're so excited to have it all together and in the room!
Crib all together!

Crib and change table and chair :)!

<3 we love it!

For those all interested in seeing the updated baby bump for this week see below!

Week 24 : Our little Jackalope is really growing now :) !


  1. wow, that is quite the bump... love the crib... simple.... change table looks fun. You will spend lots of time standing at that.. hope it comes with a splash guard!

  2. Love the way everything is coming together. Your furniture is beautiful!! And the!! Hope you are staying cool, now that we are finally experiencing summer heat!

  3. Both of you look so happy...Awesome!

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