Sunday, 17 July 2011

Happy Second Wedding Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary (tomorrow) ! 

It's hard to believe our wonderful wedding was two years ago (tomorrow) we can both remember it all pretty vividly! We certainly have loved the last two years and are excited for whats all coming next for us. 

We celebrated a pretty low key weekend of relaxing and doing fun little things! We had planned to spend our day out at Kings landing but unfortunately it is TOO hot out for this momma to be walking around for hours. Instead we got our walking in by going out with Lucy this morning and picking up a Wii game at the mall.  For those wondering Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii is worth every penny for the two player at the same time feature. :) Perfect activity for a pregnant lady and her mister on a hot summer day - feet up on the couch with a cold drink killing ourselves laughing. Apparently our skills from former DK games is not going to help us very much. 

For dinner this evening we're cooking together! We're having Soda-brined pork tenderloin with cherry glaze, latkes with chives and greek salad. yumm yum yum! 

Handsome hubby and  momma cooking up a storm!

Our finished product :)! It was sooooo delicious!

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  1. Happy Anniversary. Who knew how fast the past two years have one. I love all the pictures of getting the baby's room ready.