Sunday, 10 July 2011

The FURminator!

Worth every penny!

We are now on board the Furminator craze! After just a quick brushing Lucy shed an amazing amount of fur without shedding any grief.  She looks and feels a million times better - and it isn't just her that is liking it. We see all the fur coming out and know that if it's brushed out now, it is a lot less for the Roomba to suck up later! Of course we have other furry pets and they're just as receptive to the brushing. Sirius has a thick matty undercoat that needs work - I'm looking forward to brushing him out this week. 

After 10 minutes of brushing we realized this was a job best suited to outdoors!
I did most of Lucy's brushing outside (thank goodness) and the whole lawn was covered with her wispy white fur. Feels great to get a leg up on the pet hair battle!

Has anyone else used the FURminator? What are your feelings towards it?


  1. I have never heard of it... does it work on cats?

  2. It does work on cats, INCREDIBLY! Apollo is in love with it - even sirius likes the brushing!