Thursday, 14 July 2011

Cruise Ship Week!

Being back at work this summer has been a blast! Our kids are adorable and well behaved. They've fallen into a great routine of activities they could run themselves. Each week has a different theme to it - which has made programming a blast! After I came back from vacation it was Polar Bears and Penguins, then this week it has been Mexican Fiesta. I will post some final photos of our decorations tomorrow they're fabulous. 
Sunny Days Cruise Ship Line!! 

This coming week is Cruise Ship week. I've been brainstorming a bundle on fun foods, activities, crafts and movies to do each day so we could really make the most of this theme. One of our funnest ideas came into fruition today as we began building the "Sunny Days Cruise Ship" our of huge Grand and Toy boxes donated by a helpful Dad.  (For those wondering it is made from JUST two boxes, HUGE!) It is going to be fully functional (well as far as that they can play in it, not cruise the Atlantic) with portholes, steering wheel, and doorway. Possibly the most exciting part is that it is a huge canvas to colour, draw, add stickers etc all week for the kids.

Because of some extra stipulations from my obstetrician I had to enlist the help of some kids to move the boxes around - they were ITCHING to play inside it.  All my little helpers though were very disciplined and only did as they were told then left the room for me and my coworker to create! 
Here are the finished photos from today!

The naked Cruise Ship

All finished the main details - moving onto the finer stuff tomorrow :)! 
Tomorrow we're going to add some finishes touches like adding a mast or some poles for ship flags (a craft we'll be doing next week) and constructing a kind of steering wheel. 
Anyone have any great ideas for Cruise Ship Week? Please comment and leave them for us :)!

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  1. This should keep me busy for a while! Thank you so much. Hope I will get some great stuff soon from you.