Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Camping at Laurie Park

This is our campsite! It is the first time we've been camping with the Fit
and it did a FABULOUS job holding all our equipment!
We spent the weekend in Nova Scotia camping at a newly updated provincial park. It was really great to camp somewhere we hadn't before - AND the fact that it was all done up after being closed for a year of renovations was really special. 
The bathrooms were impeccable - Scott reckons they on par with airport bathrooms (for those who aren't in the game of rating bathrooms Airport bathrooms, like Ottawa airport, are THE best you can get).  There were even showers that were clean and bug free. In another section of the building there was also dish washing tubs that were immaculate. From our campsite we were 300 steps to the bathroom which is well worth the walk not only for the quality but your alternative is a clean outhouse. 
Still an outhouse though.
The men cooking dinner! The food was excellent :)
We had a great time enjoying food, walks, people watching and kayaking. I even went for a swim in the lake (which is incredible for me) to cool off and it was lovely. 
Lucy was in her element laying in dirt, rolling in grass, watching people walk by with their dogs and eating table scraps. She went in the lake to cool down, but wasn't really up for much swimming. She waded around on her long leash and drank a bunch of lake water. 
Here she is posing for the camera! "Is this my good side? Or is this?!"
It was so nice to have a bundle of family come and join us for dinner on Saturday night. The Hewett-Hicks (minus Aubrey who is in Iqaluit for the summer working) and Kim, Grace and Caleigh all came along and we had BBQd sausages and a fire.  SO nice to see everyone :)!

It was also my first time camping while pregnant and I must say it was entirely relaxing and comfortable :) I think that Jack's "First" camping experience was perfect!


  1. That is the most beautiful romantic pregnant pic I have ever seen... awwwwwwwwwwww


  2. So freaking adorable! Lots of love in that picture! Should be framed in Jack's room!
    Chantal xo