Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Baby Projects!

There are a million and one cute things to craft for a baby. Being a crafter myself I really have a long list of things I'd like to finish. Some I started many many months ago - some I've just recently added on the list. I know I won't finish them all, BUT I would like to litter the nursery so it is full of "made with love" items!

Teddy Bear blanket complete :) Thank goodness!

Before I moved onto hats and snuggle cocoons I wanted to finish up a little teddy bear blanket I had started ages ago before we even knew Jack was Jack, and not Camille (or multiples!). It feels so nice to have finished and I am really pleased with my chart work :). Aside from a washcloth I've never tried to knit from a pattern like this so I was ever so pleased with the result!

Given that I have some spare time on my hands over the next two weeks I have taken up finishing some old knitting projects as well as knitting some winter attire for baby Jack. With it being so bright and sunny out, it is hard to picture blistering cold winter where he'll actually use these little hats. 


This little Hungry Caterpillar snuggle sack has caught my eye several times on Pinterest. I'm going to try to whip one up for Jack in his newborn cuteness - maybe even as a coming home from the hospital outfit :) Thoughts?

Oh and don't worry. I know that many of you must wonder "Why are these projects getting finished so far ahead of time? They'll just sit and collect dust!". Fear not...
... we've found a good use for them until Jack arrives!


  1. Oh, Lucy's such a good big sister, just like me and Steph. :) Love great aunt Kim

  2. Do you have a pattern for the Hungry Caterpillar snuggle sack? My niece would love this for their about-to-be-born baby's Halloween costume, and I really want to make it, but can only work from patterns!