Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Baby Projects!

There are a million and one cute things to craft for a baby. Being a crafter myself I really have a long list of things I'd like to finish. Some I started many many months ago - some I've just recently added on the list. I know I won't finish them all, BUT I would like to litter the nursery so it is full of "made with love" items!

Teddy Bear blanket complete :) Thank goodness!

Before I moved onto hats and snuggle cocoons I wanted to finish up a little teddy bear blanket I had started ages ago before we even knew Jack was Jack, and not Camille (or multiples!). It feels so nice to have finished and I am really pleased with my chart work :). Aside from a washcloth I've never tried to knit from a pattern like this so I was ever so pleased with the result!

Given that I have some spare time on my hands over the next two weeks I have taken up finishing some old knitting projects as well as knitting some winter attire for baby Jack. With it being so bright and sunny out, it is hard to picture blistering cold winter where he'll actually use these little hats. 


This little Hungry Caterpillar snuggle sack has caught my eye several times on Pinterest. I'm going to try to whip one up for Jack in his newborn cuteness - maybe even as a coming home from the hospital outfit :) Thoughts?

Oh and don't worry. I know that many of you must wonder "Why are these projects getting finished so far ahead of time? They'll just sit and collect dust!". Fear not...
... we've found a good use for them until Jack arrives!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Camping at Laurie Park

This is our campsite! It is the first time we've been camping with the Fit
and it did a FABULOUS job holding all our equipment!
We spent the weekend in Nova Scotia camping at a newly updated provincial park. It was really great to camp somewhere we hadn't before - AND the fact that it was all done up after being closed for a year of renovations was really special. 
The bathrooms were impeccable - Scott reckons they on par with airport bathrooms (for those who aren't in the game of rating bathrooms Airport bathrooms, like Ottawa airport, are THE best you can get).  There were even showers that were clean and bug free. In another section of the building there was also dish washing tubs that were immaculate. From our campsite we were 300 steps to the bathroom which is well worth the walk not only for the quality but your alternative is a clean outhouse. 
Still an outhouse though.
The men cooking dinner! The food was excellent :)
We had a great time enjoying food, walks, people watching and kayaking. I even went for a swim in the lake (which is incredible for me) to cool off and it was lovely. 
Lucy was in her element laying in dirt, rolling in grass, watching people walk by with their dogs and eating table scraps. She went in the lake to cool down, but wasn't really up for much swimming. She waded around on her long leash and drank a bunch of lake water. 
Here she is posing for the camera! "Is this my good side? Or is this?!"
It was so nice to have a bundle of family come and join us for dinner on Saturday night. The Hewett-Hicks (minus Aubrey who is in Iqaluit for the summer working) and Kim, Grace and Caleigh all came along and we had BBQd sausages and a fire.  SO nice to see everyone :)!

It was also my first time camping while pregnant and I must say it was entirely relaxing and comfortable :) I think that Jack's "First" camping experience was perfect!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Happy Second Wedding Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary (tomorrow) ! 

It's hard to believe our wonderful wedding was two years ago (tomorrow) we can both remember it all pretty vividly! We certainly have loved the last two years and are excited for whats all coming next for us. 

We celebrated a pretty low key weekend of relaxing and doing fun little things! We had planned to spend our day out at Kings landing but unfortunately it is TOO hot out for this momma to be walking around for hours. Instead we got our walking in by going out with Lucy this morning and picking up a Wii game at the mall.  For those wondering Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii is worth every penny for the two player at the same time feature. :) Perfect activity for a pregnant lady and her mister on a hot summer day - feet up on the couch with a cold drink killing ourselves laughing. Apparently our skills from former DK games is not going to help us very much. 

For dinner this evening we're cooking together! We're having Soda-brined pork tenderloin with cherry glaze, latkes with chives and greek salad. yumm yum yum! 

Handsome hubby and  momma cooking up a storm!

Our finished product :)! It was sooooo delicious!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Cruise Ship Week!

Being back at work this summer has been a blast! Our kids are adorable and well behaved. They've fallen into a great routine of activities they could run themselves. Each week has a different theme to it - which has made programming a blast! After I came back from vacation it was Polar Bears and Penguins, then this week it has been Mexican Fiesta. I will post some final photos of our decorations tomorrow they're fabulous. 
Sunny Days Cruise Ship Line!! 

This coming week is Cruise Ship week. I've been brainstorming a bundle on fun foods, activities, crafts and movies to do each day so we could really make the most of this theme. One of our funnest ideas came into fruition today as we began building the "Sunny Days Cruise Ship" our of huge Grand and Toy boxes donated by a helpful Dad.  (For those wondering it is made from JUST two boxes, HUGE!) It is going to be fully functional (well as far as that they can play in it, not cruise the Atlantic) with portholes, steering wheel, and doorway. Possibly the most exciting part is that it is a huge canvas to colour, draw, add stickers etc all week for the kids.

Because of some extra stipulations from my obstetrician I had to enlist the help of some kids to move the boxes around - they were ITCHING to play inside it.  All my little helpers though were very disciplined and only did as they were told then left the room for me and my coworker to create! 
Here are the finished photos from today!

The naked Cruise Ship

All finished the main details - moving onto the finer stuff tomorrow :)! 
Tomorrow we're going to add some finishes touches like adding a mast or some poles for ship flags (a craft we'll be doing next week) and constructing a kind of steering wheel. 
Anyone have any great ideas for Cruise Ship Week? Please comment and leave them for us :)!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

The FURminator!

Worth every penny!

We are now on board the Furminator craze! After just a quick brushing Lucy shed an amazing amount of fur without shedding any grief.  She looks and feels a million times better - and it isn't just her that is liking it. We see all the fur coming out and know that if it's brushed out now, it is a lot less for the Roomba to suck up later! Of course we have other furry pets and they're just as receptive to the brushing. Sirius has a thick matty undercoat that needs work - I'm looking forward to brushing him out this week. 

After 10 minutes of brushing we realized this was a job best suited to outdoors!
I did most of Lucy's brushing outside (thank goodness) and the whole lawn was covered with her wispy white fur. Feels great to get a leg up on the pet hair battle!

Has anyone else used the FURminator? What are your feelings towards it?

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Saturday Morning Market Trip!

Despite the pouring rain we headed out into the wilds of Fredericton to go to the market to gather up supplies to make a yummy weekend dinner !  We always talk about getting a whole dinner worth of supplies there and seem to run out of motivation once we get there and try to battle the crowds. But we are so glad we did, and realized it wasn't really too much battling at all.
We adore the Boyce Farmers Market for all of its crafts and local produce - not to mention the great service, vendors and outdoor food carts.

Here's what we picked up while we were at the market

Herbs and Spice Havarti Cheese (the selection was overwhelming - but we're glad we picked this one!)

Two sirlion tip steaks (that they cut right there for us)
12 Samosas (6 Mild Veg, 6 Mild Chicken)

Corn on the cob

Cinnamon bun cake

Not appearing in photos : our traditional 2 x 500ml orange juices and a dog treat "twist" for Lucy. They were gobbled up before the camera was ready for snapshots haha.

What is everyone else making for their weekend dinners? I love hearing new meal ideas too haha!

The rain seemed to hold off all morning except for a few dribbles, but it looks gloomy outside. It's the kind of weather that makes you feel like doing nothing except lay on the couch in comfy warm clothes. 
And so we will <3 !


Enjoy your weekend everyone ! 

Monday, 4 July 2011

Jack's Room Furniture

Scotty has been working really hard to put together all of our furniture for Jack's room that we brought back from Ottawa. After minimal frustration and a lot of hammering it all came together nicely (Gotta Love Ikea!)

The bag of tricks to make it all come together!

Happy Helper!

Busy building and lining up the boards for the mattress to lay on. 

Last few screws!
Apollo loving the tissue paper!
Sirius enjoying the HUGE cardboard box!
 We absolutely love it and we're so excited to have it all together and in the room!
Crib all together!

Crib and change table and chair :)!

<3 we love it!

For those all interested in seeing the updated baby bump for this week see below!

Week 24 : Our little Jackalope is really growing now :) !

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Vacation Week!

We had a lovely week visiting Scottys parents in Ottawa. We did lots of really fun things throughout the city and at the cottage - including getting to visit with his uncle and grandparents! Here are a bundle of snapshots from our trip!
We went downtown on Monday to meet Matty for lunch at Dunn's Deli . We walked all around and enjoyed some hot Ottawa weather!

We went to the Air Museum and scoped out a bundle of really fab planes.  Scotty know so much about them I had my own personal tourguide :) We even picked up a little something for Jack's room!

Don't worry- of course Lucy came along too!
Here she is in Ottawa at the Matheson's lovely backyard. 

She was an excellent traveller all the way there and back from Ontario in the car. 

Even knows how to turn on her charm while passed out in the backseat.
What a cutie!

Our BEST highway sighting - on the 401 while we were outside Kingston on the way to the cottage!

We also went to the Trenton Air museum when we were at the cottage. This is is a Halifax Bomber they pulled out of a lake in Europe from WWII and restored. Incredible!

Family snapshot!

 For Canada we went out on a boat to enjoy downtown from a different perspective with Scotts parents and their friends. It was really incredible to see the downtown from the peace of the river on Canada day!
Happy Canada Day!

The Snowbirds!! 

All in all a great vacation!