Thursday, 23 June 2011

Patiently Waiting on a Peony

When I worked at Halifax Seed two summers ago I bought myself a peony for a great price because it was nearly dead and needed a loving home. 

So for couple bucks I took it home to nurse it into what I hoped would be a healthy blooming plant. It was called Gay Paree - VERY pretty blooms. But the problem with this plant is that I've had it for two years and have never seen it bloom.

In Dartmouth, next to my overgrown tomatoes
 it needs to be circled in orange to stand out.
 When I planted it in Dartmouth it needed a good year to establish before it would flower. Before it had a chance to flower in the spring we moved to Fredericton. 

It did horrible here, but that is mostly because it spent the majority of the spring in it's pot. (see orange circle) Once in the ground I think it grew three leaves all summer and died before it became too cold.  So it was with a huge surprise that this peony started sprouting this spring. 
Here it is in its glory covered in ants about a week ago!

And this is today's progress shot :) Beautiful!
Well it has been a long time coming and we have eagerly awaited the opening of the peony all spring. Scotty was even worried he was going to miss it being away in Toronto. Thankfully it waited until today to get a move on a finally deliver the bloom we've been awaiting. 
I can't help but notice that it looks NOTHING like the label. This could be for a bundle of reasons such as my mislabeling when I dug them up in the spring and moved them to Fredericton, or when I planted them in Fredericton mixing them up as I had three pathetic peonies. 

Either way we love it :). Well worth waiting for!


  1. Cute. I wish I had my sister's green thumb!!! Glad to see you have a blogspot blog now. I used to have a hard time with the apple one. Have a safe trip.