Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Fathers Day and Journal

Since Scotty was away for Father's Day, we waited until he got home to celebrate! We had pizza and I put together a little pile of goodies for him on the table. Mostly they were all cute boy things for a little boy, although he got a fun balloon!

I also bought a Pregnancy Journal which will be a fun way to record all the fun feelings and happenings during these 9 months.  Scotty has taken it upon himself to keep a weekly record of belly photos too and this is the perfect opportunity to display them and keep them for when we want to show little Jack someday!
I snapped a few pictures of the book - it has a lot of great fun questionnaires. We can't wait to start filling them out together!

Hello Jack! Goodbye toes!
I'm certain Jack will love learning about what it was like while Mommy and Daddy were waiting for him to get here! 


  1. Love the new look of your blog...also love the fact that you are blogging together.
    Michelle - can you imagine if your mom had a pregnancy journal while she was pregnant with you - those extra 2 weeks would have been very interesting reading !!!
    :) Debbie
    ps Thanks Scott!

  2. I could probably still write that pregnancy journal.. I clearly remember many details about those last 2 weeks.. because I recite them every year between Nov 29th and Dec 14!!!