Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Presents!

Jack and I were very busy end of November getting Shutterfly gifts made on the computer and we even crafted some really sweet "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments as gifts for family.  These ones were inspired by Pinterest.  Ordinarily it would be enough to make the dough, shape them, imprint them, bake and glaze... but with a newborn as my crafting partner it was a huge accomplishment to get anything made.  I'm so pleased with how they turned out despite our challenges.

That's right... after realizing that the Mod Podge I bought would smudge the sharpie I used to write on the ornament it was time to try anything in the house that would glaze. Turns out OPI works great haha... just a little pricey! 

I had hoped to do a handprint - but if any of you have ever tried to do a child's handprint you know they never want to hold still let alone open their fist.  Jack was no exception to the rule.  Abandoning my original idea I thought a footprint would be just as cute... however his feet are too big for the little circles I had cut. Desperate to get a footprint I discovered how cute his toe prints are and thus the ornament was created.

With a little help from the soother, Jack had no problem mushing his toes into the salt dough.. I actually think he enjoyed it a little. If you want to make any kind of ornaments just google Salt Dough. There are some really great creations.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Jacks 1 month appointment!

Jack had his one month appointment with Dr Digby on Monday! Jack was a little angel both in the waiting room and during his appointment. Dr Digby was really pleased with his growth and strength!
So Jack weighs 14lbs, is 24 inches long and his head is 40 cm around! Our big boy!
After we had our appointment we did some shopping at Shoppers Drugmart. Sadly their carts are TOO small to hold Jacks car seat and Jack is too small for their babyseat carts. So Momma got her workout carrying the basket in one arm and babyseat in the other!

Cutie Clothes!

Jack has been so lucky to be gifted such adorable outfits! I wanted to share some recent snaps of him in cutie clothes.

My two most fav hoodies that Jack fits into at the moment. I will be so sad when he outgrows them!

He has a whole collection of adorable onuses - we have so much fun dressing him up each morning for the day even if he's just hanging around the house.

I'm shocked at how adorable he is in the little collared onesie - he's such a little grown up!

I love little boys in overalls, and these are the sweetest I've seen! They are a dark denim wash with faux patches and distressed with bleach marks. He's more fashionable than his mom or dad!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Jack's First Nap in his big boy crib

Here's our big boy napping in his crib :) !

We can't get over how small he looks in it...

Monday, 12 December 2011

Daddy is the best!

Jack and Scott are the cutest together.  Despite Jack needing Momma for feeding, he still needs his Dad often for snuggles and difficult burps!  
I thought I'd post a couple pics of them I've gathered they are just too cute!


Visiting everyone :)!

Jack had a busy week visiting people which he loves (although he spends most of his visiting time asleep). He was able to see Lyndsey and Asif, the ladies at our Vet who have been eagerly awaiting him since he was just a little bump, all the girls at my hair salon who were so sweet to pamper me in the weeks before he was born, , Uncle Sean and Aiden, Pat his Godfather for a whole weekend, Grammie Auntie Gail to see the beautiful quilt (it is so amazing) we helped her work on while waiting for Jack, and the whole Perkison family yesterday while we went down to Moncton to assemble our amazing Thule roofrack and carrier! (more on that later!)
Jack is getting all practiced up meeting people for his big trip to Greenwood where he's very excited to meet the town haha.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Mei Tai Wrap!

The Mei Tai wrap is a great style wrap inspired by traditional chinese wraps that were worn for hundreds of years by women to carry their babies constantly with them.  They are very practical and simple to craft. 

It is basically a square of fabric with four straps, two that tie around your waist and two that go over your shoulders and cross then tie under the baby's bum. You have the option to tuck in feet or have them hang out. Perfect for toting around baby!

I ordered this one off of Etsy (the greatest site in the world besides Pinterest) from a woman in England who does a great job crafting them. I know that Gail and Mom could have sewn one no problem but its nice to have one to work from as a template. Not to mention this woman added padding for comfort for both the wearer and the baby with great stitching!

Jack really enjoys being carried around in it (once he gets settled) and both Scott and I really enjoy wearing it around the house.  It is great for a 2 or 3 month old who can hold up their head (Jack is very nearly there so we use the little flap as a neck support for when he has his wobble moments).  In a couple weeks it will be just perfect for him. 

We both prefer the Mei Tai to the Moby for a few reasons: 
The Mei Tai is sturdier, you feel comfortable that the baby isn't going to flop out of the fabric. 
The Mei Tai has straps which make it easier to tie without bunching and it does bunch across your back. 
Jack is a big bulky baby and the Moby just didn't offer the support that the Mei Tai does. 
That said I think the Moby wrap is fabulous, but the Mei Tai is just a better fit for our needs. With a smaller baby I think that the Moby would be great. 

Friday, 9 December 2011

Thank you Quintons!

We received a lovely parcel today from Sheldon, Diana, Drew, Meredith, Amelia and William. They sent us the most wonderful collection of Robeez footwear ranging from newborn to 4 years old. Jack is going to have some really stylish feet!
One thing we're really excited about is that they sent along Scott's old snowsuit from when he was a toddler :)!! Looks like Jack needs to do. Little bit more growing before its going to fit!

Jack visits Uncle Sean!

This afternoon Jack and I ventured out to go see his Uncle Sean :)!! He got in lots of snuggles and a nap! We also opened his Christmas present early (hehe) and now I REALLY can't wait for Jack to start walking so he can use this. Watch out Critters!

Its a Lego World!

Day one! Republic Cruiser!
(Yes Jack is really enjoying his Lego haha)
With a baby boy entering our family, we are both so excited for the potential to have loads of lego in our household once he is a little bit older! Scott was a huge lego fan as a kid and so he has been drooling over the Lego that has come out since he was a kid every time we duck into Toys R Us for baby things. 
That's right STAR WARS and LEGO together for one amazingly awesome Advent Calendar!

The other great thing about a baby boy is he's pretty likely to be in LOVE with Star Wars because it has become really popular again with the animated series etc.  Both of us are huge Star Wars fans its our rainy day/lazy evening movie we always turn to. We even had it on the iPad at the hospital in case we felt the urge to watch a movie if things were taking a long time. 

Droids, Republic Cruiser, Trade Federation guy, Boba Fett ship and Nute Gunray (lego man)

So naturally we were thrilled when Grammie and Grandpie sent Jack his first Advent calendar and it was Lego AND Star Wars! Scott has had SO much fun putting them together and we have enjoyed trying to guess which item is going to come next!  

Each day you open a little door and a little baggy of pieces are inside. For the first few days we stupidly tried to guess the item and build it, complaining that it was REALLY hard to do especially for the target age group making us feel a little insecure about our Lego building skills. Then Scott accidentally discovered that the instructions are on the inside of each little door and it has become a LOT easier! 

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Winter Bedding

With the holidays on their way and the weather getting colder outside we were in need of some warm and festive winter bedding. Our summer bedding is fabulous in colour and warmth but only for warm nights in the summer.  

Since Christmas came a little early this year having Scotts parents come visit the past weekend we opened some presents early.  One of our gifts was this wonderful winter bed set :)!  We love it to bits - it's been plenty warm and of course Jack approves having taken a nap on it more than once already!

Thanks Mark and Trudy!

(Of course in a blog that has nothing to do with Jack, he must wiggle his way into the picture!)