Monday, 11 May 2015

The Big, Bad Wolf and his Strider Bike.

Auntie Steph and Uncle Sean sent Jack an awesome bike in the mail. It's called a Strider Sport balance bike, and we couldn't be more excited. Up until now, Jacks "bike rides" consisted of him leisurely resting on a tricycle and being pushed around. And occasionally peddling. Now this guy is getting geared up for a really fun ride. 

The concept of these bikes is pretty interesting. It promotes learning to balance on two wheels, before working on the peddling part. They begin by being seated and walking along with their feet, then as they gain confidence they do little pushes and glide with two feet held up or rested on the foot bars. From there, anything is possible! 

This morning we played in the driveway and just focused on a pretend play that involved his bike. Every kid learns differently, and this boy is like his Momma in a lot of ways. Easily frustrated. But motivated! Just ask Scott who taught me how to drive standard. 23 year old me pounded the steering wheel, cried many times and once actually got out of the car slamming the door behind me to pout. But I persevered, and with a patient teacher I rocked that car for 6 years loving every gear-shifting moment.  

Like me and the Fit, Jack tried it for two minutes the day it arrived and determined it was ridiculous for any more efforts on his part. Whomp-whomp. Despite my best intentions, he refused even further when I tried to sell him on the idea to keep trying.  However, we've returned to it in several short practice sessions. We also watched YouTube videos of other kids riding it in little organized races Strider puts on in the USA, and kids at skate parks. Encouraged, he dawned his Wolf outfit and we recreated the Big Bad Wolf story with one improvement - Wolf has got a sweet ride. Instead of chasing the pigs, he hopped on his bike! Distracted by the thrill of chasing Mommy (aka dramatic screaming and slow running pig) and he's already comfortable getting on and off, and mastered the steering to follow our chalk road. 

Scott and I have spent the last week doing lots of spring cleanup jobs, one being a backyard cleanup. Turns Out that under all those leaves was a perfect dirt bike park!

Stay tuned as our Big Bad Wolf works on his riding!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Oaklawn Farm Zoo Opening Weekend

What a wonderful weekend we have had! We partied in the city yesterday at the Pitmans, then today we got to make Jacks dream come true and finally go back to the zoo! 

We have been waiting and waiting and waiting for the snow to melt, and he tells anyone who will listen that he would be going to the zoo soon. Or he was sad that the zoo wasn't open. Or when he went to the zoo he would see ____________. Telling him this morning we were finally heading to the zoo it was a magical moment. 

Of course all of us are battling colds, but getting outside in the fresh air was amazingly good. 

And of course the zoo never disappoints! There were all our favourite friends we have been reading about in our zoo book. Jack was over the moon excited to see them, then ready to move onto the next animals right away. 

He also was able to cash in a sticker chart reward from almost a month ago and picked out a white stuffed tiger. Oh joy oh bliss, he named it Chance after the American bulldog in Homeward Bound. 

Phoebe was mildly interested in the cages as we passed by, but definitely enjoyed the ride over bumpy grass. She perked up at the sight of the deer and really enjoyed watching Jack feed them. 

We also tried something new - a pony ride! Jack was very brave and silently rode along on his pony holding on to the saddle. He loved the idea of being a cowboy, and the ride didn't disappoint. 

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Miners Marsh Spring Walk

Well it was a quick walk. But beautiful!

Earlier in the week we came by hopeful for a clear path, but ten feet from the parking lot it was all snow covered. Today we thought it would obviously be free from snow - and in a way it totally was. Beautiful warm sunshine, but a lot of water haha!

Luckily the kids weren't disapointed at all. Throwing rocks and sticks off the bridge is kind of the main attraction for Jack, and Phoebe loved getting out of the stroller to watch the river and explore nature at her finger tips!

We excitedly watched a couple "icebergs" the size of a sofa really zip by quickly! 

I cannot stress just how ready we are for spring to arrive here and say goodbye to the snow. Scott and I are eagerly planning some small home renos, garden projects and cannot wait to jump on them. Browsing Pinterest and making plans is only so fun, we're ready to take action! 

Such a busy afternoon, first we all need a little rest!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Spring has Sprung. Ish.

Honestly even as I write, I cringe because I believe somewhere around the corner could be another snowstorm. But for the moment in going to just enjoy the weather and be pleased we all left the house today without coats (of course we hoped to find a non-snow covered trail - no such luck!) and it was a beautiful thing not wresting these two into mittens hats coats and boots. 

With everyone in the family also just getting over colds, it's been so wonderful to have the windows open, airing out the house. Smells like spring and I love it!
Jack and I played all morning outside while Phoebe had a fabulous nap. She has been anything but predictable, so a morning of just Jack while she napped was so fun for me and him. 

I'm so desperate for Spring I actually shovelled off our garden yesterday (wearing a tshirt - so odd!) to help melt the snow bank. My efforts were not in vain and I was handsomely rewarded today!

The bulbs Jack and I planted in the gallate sprouting, and we even were graced with a blossom! The burst of sunshine was exactly what they needed - I completely know how they feel!

Jack and I have made a long list of spring activities we cannot wait to get to. Also so fun ideas for the back yard. Of course... Still about a foot a snow to go until it's fit for playing! Yikes!