Monday, 14 April 2014

Spring has Sprung: Easter Party with Friends & Bike Ride!

After a long week of being sick, Jack desperately missed seeing friends at playgroup (And I did too!) It was so very lovely to get out of the house today, chat, play and do crafts :) Oh and of course doing some Easter egg hunting. It was Jack's first hunt, and he LOVED it.  The weather was especially beautiful and mild. Dare I say it? Spring is likely here to stay!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Mo Willems parcel love from Korea!

Since it's been a long winter, we've seen our share of colds! Jack is just battling his last one and so we're taking a week long staycation to give him a chance to heal up. Since both of us get stir crazy with too much couch/tv time, it will be a week of painting, crafts, games and inside house fun. Hopefully some outside fun too since Jack has put in a request for a bike ride and trip to the park - the snow is quickly melting. 

It was the perfect time for a package to arrive in the mail from Aunty Steph! We got three awesome books - two stories and one activity book. I had never heard of the activity book, but I we have one book pigeon story so I knew it must be awesome.

Mo Willems is so freaking awesome. Jack loves the stories about the pidgeon, so he was super psyched to have pages he could colour that had the pigeon on it :)

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Happy Birthday (Party) Lucy!

Thats right our darling little fluffy white baby is turning 9 today! We actually thought she was turning ten, but I registered her for birthday coupons with Global Pet foods when we first adopted her and they emailed me this morning telling me it was her 9th birthday. I shared the news with Jack off-handedly ("Did you know it's Lucy's birthday today?!") and he really loved the idea of making a birthday party for her. Since we were going out on this April Fools storm day for some errands, Jack helped me make a list of party essentials. Gifts, cake, hats.  He's basing his party planning on an episode of Harold and the Purple Crayon, where they have a party with all of his animals friends.

For one fleeting moment I thought "How fun would it be to bake a cake together?" But just the idea of it exhausted me ontop of the other things I was cooking today (more on that tomorrow) so we bought her a Walmart special cake haha. Walmart was difficult to navigate due to the renovations they are doing but thankfully we found all our party essentials. The cashier was so sweet and chatted up Jack querying about a party based on our purchases. He was all too eager to tell her all his party plans for Lucy and she was thrilled to hear he was planning a doggy birthday. 

Picked out Lucy's bone :)! Very proud party planner!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Toddler Tuesday: Enjoying our painting session with some spongey friends!

Today we made a stop at the Dollarama (where a saint of person turned in my forgotten purse so it was safely waiting for us) to pick up some more supplies for painting, colouring, and stickering.  Of course the moment nap was over it was time for some serious arts and crafts therapy for both of us.  

I love Pinterest as a source of inspiration.  From just glancing at a thumbnail picture I feel inspired to do so many great things with Jack, Scott, our pets, food, our house, knitting and for my own personal well being.  But I also loathe Pinterest because it can give you unfair expectations of a situation.  You know what I'm talking about - those uber cute handprint paintings etc. Most often I pin cool things to do with Jack picturing the next perfect piece of artwork to frame and place in our house.  But the most important thing about art I often forget is that it is an expression from the artist, not a replica of the craft you set out to do.  So moms out there who struggle to enjoy art/craft time with your fiercely independent little one - read on :). 

And in our case, most often the crafts/paintings all resemble a complete mudpile of mess that most people wouldn't call art.  Even most mothers wouldn't call art. And that is a little frustrating as the person who is orchestrating the event - me!  But I think embracing the process has made this latest art project really fun.  Jack LOVES to paint but doesn't like to be told how to hold a brush or how to apply paint to his picture/canvas.  Who can blame him?