Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Fire Station fun :)!

This morning we joined Jack and his nursery school class on their trip to the fire department in Port Williams. It was sort of a chilly morning but thankfully the rain held off and the kids were very excited to get to walk up the road to the fire station.

The firefighters at the station were so sweet to answer all the kids questions and show them what it looks like when a firefighter is all dressed up wearing the oxygen mask. The message was loud and clear  "Do not be afraid of a firefighter when they come to rescue you even though they look and sound a little funny."

Since it is fire safety month they discussed all the important parts of fire safety with their preschoolers. Jack now knows all about stop drop and roll, fire detectors and to get download under the smoke to get out of the fire. I am so glad they talk about these things with the kids because it has completely slipped my mind still believing that he is a little baby.

The fire station also give them their own firefighter hat and a special bag full of goodies and fire safety information to bring home.

Oh yes and they made an adorable Kleenex box fire truck with toy fireman :) Perfect time of year to get Kleenex box donations from parents of sniffly kids. We gathered 5 boxes to donate in one week!

Monday, 6 October 2014

Playing Car Wash

No, we didn't practice car washing on the Fit. We aren't that crazy. 

I got the idea from one of those pins on Pinterest "100 great games for outside" just to get Jack more eager to get out and play when he doesn't have a crew of friends entertaining him and Mommy can't always play when I'm holding Phoebe. He does pretty well outdoors most days, but it is fun to bring out some props for pretend play. 

He actually loved the idea of this one from the first mention of it. Sometimes I have to work hard to sell the idea, today was easy.

 "Jack? Want to go out and play pretend car wash?" Jack paused and then eagerly replied "Yup I think so. Do we get water?" Haha anything with water and he's game. I'm sure he was hesitant based on which part of the game was pretend and hoping it wasn't the washing part. 

My beef with these Pins on Pinterest is the elaborate set up, materials and the fact that my kid isn't into drawing with chalk for hours. This idea was perfect - combine water, sponges, markers and a large car. 

Fortunately this was tucked away in our storage room from Jacks "learn to walk" phase. 

It hung around long after Jack could walk, but I hastily stashed it away first chance I could since it has an abnoxious sound track of songs that goes along with every lever and button on the car. 

But it was super fun today :) batteries removed of course haha! Even Phoebe had fun watching Jack play, occasionally getting splashed during the washing stage of his game. 

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Apple Picking!

Jacks preschool went apple picking this morning, and we all got to tag along! Even Daddy and Phoebe got to come! 

It was a little damp and chilly but no one seemed bothered by it. 

I did a frantic hunt for rain boots at Walmart and Superstore this morning because Jack's dino boots are too small! It's not an easy thing to find this time of year and we weren't ready to buy winter boots. In the end superstore had some fabulous ones to get us through till snow!

Lots of smiles and delicious apples!!

In preschool they've been working on all sorts of apple crafts, stories and songs. Jack is totally enjoying this theme and so Apple picking was a huge fun part of closing up the theme. But he is also positive we must make an apple pie with our picked apples! Since a crisp is more toddler friendly baking activity, he agreed to it on the promise it is JUST like an apple pie. 

Apple machine for the win!! Fun and quick!

Perfect fall activity for such a cool afternoon. 

And hello delicious. 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Tip Toe Through The Tulips!

Jack and I got to work on our garden, and I am in love with the bulbs we picked out together while shopping this week. 

The weather today was so beautiful, we spent the morning at the park. Jack woke up with a raging head old which cancelled our plans to go to Thomas's birthday party in the city. So we tried to do some fun low key things to ease the heartache :(. 

Phoebe had a rough day/night three days ago with a cheek rash, spitups and constant crying. Since then she's been slowly getting back to her normal cheerful self, and today was her first great day. Of course Jack would be sick starting today, but I would rather battle sickness one at a time to save my sanity. 

Back to bulb planting, I just did a smattering here and there of early to mid blooming plants. I LOVE spring crocuses and tulips. Some others caught Jacks eyes so we picked them up too. Nothing sings spring prettier than little blooms. And by that time of year we are just dying to garden, see blooms and dream of summer days ahead. Of course right now I'm cheering on fall, loving the tips of trees turning their colours, and crisp mornings. 

Daddy and Phoebe snuggled in a chair for a but supervising our work before she went in for her nap. Jack puttered around and Lucy rolled in the grass as I finished up our work. Of course he does ten ceremonial bulbs (I pre-dig the holes and show him which go where) then he's off to play in the yard while I finish. Haha and when my back is turned anything can happen... ��

... Apparently bubble mix tastes terrible! Perfect timing of course, I only have a few more bulbs to go, so another project for another day. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :)! Despite his cold, Jack had a fun day. We'll have to road trip up to the city to see his buddies Thomas and Nicholas soon!

Sending big birthday wishes to both his buddies Thomas and Alfie! Hard to believe how grown up all our boys are getting! Jacks third birthday is just around the corner! Eek!

Good thing we still have a little baby in our house ;)! Although she's growing up so fast! Three months old this week. Yipes!