Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Jacks First Day of Preschool

In my life not so long ago, I taught preschool. I was the one greeting them at the door, consoling moms who were nervous, and helping these little ones embark on their first big step into a life where they function without Mommy.  Learning zippers, Velcro, washing hands, opening snacks, alphabet and numbers. I remember thinking about how hard it would be to leave your little one in a preschool, wonder what they are doing and if they are having fun. Of course being on the teacher side I knew they were having a blast, making friends and becoming more confident and independent each moment.  But now the tables have turned, my old preschoolers are into grade school and I'm the one sending my little boy out into the world. Errr, big boy. I forget he's really not so little anymore. Yeesh. 

We were all invited to his first day of preschool to see the morning routine, enjoy circle time and play outside! Daddy was able to take the morning off from work and so we could all enjoy together. 

We have been counting down the days (and hours!) for preschool to begin! Jack was just buzzing around the house excited to start. We even picked out a special shirt for "Back To School" that Jack loved. Of course it was cool out this morning so he just wore a sweater over it!

Tiger wearing sunglasses and bouncing a beach ball. His life was complete when we found this!

Holding hands watching a big truck go by!

It was so thrilling to be apart of his first morning, even though I wasn't concerned about him going alone. It was fun to experience the thrill of new toys, first circle time meeting friends and zooming around the playground. Jack didn't want much to do with either of us, he was quite content to set himself up by the cars and play with the other kids :) 

Phoebe even woke up to enjoy listening to some stories :)!

Jack is so lucky to have so many such sweet friends, and he loved getting to spend time with them today! It is totally comforting know they've got a little support when needed of loving friends for when the mommies aren't around. 

One of the many things I LOVE about this nursery school is their collection of toys and decorations. I really feel like many of these toys are at least as old as me, if not older. They are in great condition and are just made better than so many toys you can buy today. The old school kitchen set from fisher price, the car ramps, and toy houses - so much awesome. It was all I could do to not go over and start pretend dialing on the real deal peacock blue rotary dial phone. 

We ended the morning outside in their awesome backyard which is a mixture of pavement pebbles and decking all surrounded by a gorgeous garden. I want her backyard :) absolutely love it!

Thursday is his first day there alone, and he's pumped. He told me today that mommies weren't allowed, we should all go have a mommy party haha (but seriously Mom friends, coffee date Thursday morning?) Thursday we will party - toddler free :)!  And the kids get to bring a special friend with them for circle time which will help adjust to being there solo! 

Jack was pleased as punch to pose on the step when we were leaving. No he's not pretending to be a fish, he opted out of saying "cheese" and chose "I love schooooooooooool" haha. 

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Trip to the Big City

We drove up to Halifax since Scotty is playing hockey at a rink we'd never been to. We timed the drive and scoped out the different rinks inside.  Let's just say that Saturdays at a hockey rink are busy! Neither of us grew up with hockey, so it's all pretty new to us! But we took advantage being up in Hali and we went to the mall :)!

It was super fun to shop together all four of us and we made a special visit to only the best store ever invented!

Build-A-Bear is a dream come true for kids that grow up loving their little stuffed friends. I was definitely one of those kids and (for better or worse haha) Jack is too!  He was just in awe of this store and very excited to get inside with us to build a special friend. 

His special bear was getting his stuffing just then, coming to life. That my friends is the look of pure amazement and joy!

We watched another little boy start to build one and that was enough for Jack. He didn't deliberate for long before choosing an adorably fluffy black bear. We named him Baloo!

After getting him stuffed just right, putting in a special heart Jack snuggled, and doing a hug test (oh gosh I LOVED every minute of this) we got to work giving him an air bath. 

After blowing off all the fluff and brushing him out, Jack and Daddy set to work sorting through all the costumes, dresses, hats and shoes to find the perfect accessory! 

After much deliberation (way too many options!) Jack chose a pair of red rain boots :). They dressed him at the dressing station and then got to work registering him online. If Baloo ever goes missing there is a barcode inside that any Build-A-Bear store anywhere can use it to get Baloo home to us. Love it!


Jack got Baloo into a little backpack and wore him out of the store! Such a fun experience. Baloo snuggled with Jack for our drive home and has made it to the top of the stuffed animal pecking order at home, only second to beloved Fluffy bear. 

No MicMac Mall trip is complete without several rides on the escalator! Yes, apparently I am still that little kid inside that gets thrills out of escalators. Having kids is the best :) getting to live a second childhood is such a gift!

Yup we were those people who blocked the entire escalator and didn't move. Jack was just vibrating he was so excited, so all those eager shoppers can just bite me I wasn't spoiling the moment of awesomeness.  

 Wait, what about the baby?! Oh right, she just rolled with it (literally) in the BOB. She loved the bright colours, cute bears and every person oogling and squealing at her. She slept pretty well there and back with a chorus of all of us chanting "sshhh shhhhh shhh" together to help lull her to sleep. 

 But in the end Jacks participation backfired ... He was out cold too! No worries, this guy still loves naptime and after a delicious lunch he snoozed in bed for another two hours. 




Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Ducks, Rocks, and a Bridge - Oh My!

Wouldn't you just love to eat your breakfast while watching little ducks paddle around this beautiful view? We certainly loved it!

Actually even if you don't get to see the view, the cool breeze was lovely enough to put everyone in good spirits for our walk :)

The sun kept playing peekaboo behind big ominous dark clouds (as I type this it's pouring rain!) which was nice because it kept us just warm enough. It was plenty peaceful and Jack experimented with walking the trail following "The Rules". Simple enough - don't go in the water, give space to the animals, make room for others on the trail. There are some dedicated walkers that do several laps in the time it takes us to complete one, and while they slow to oogle over Jack I don't want him abusing his charm to make them stop completely. 

While Phoebe snoozed we watched many different birds fly and swim around the river and marsh. It was fun to see some of them actually managed to scoop up little fish. Jack bellowed encouragement to the birds, "You can do it! Be quick!" which was probably swallowed up by the winds based on the birds lack of reaction. Or they just appreciate some cheerleading!

We finally got to "the spot" for throwing pebbles from the trail. Clear enough view of the water he can toss them without beaming any ducks accidently and the ducks clear out long before we arrive since they hear us coming. Thankfully he can't throw too far anyway, but his aim is shockingly accurate. 

There was a perfectly positioned bench so I could admire Jacks dedication to rock throwing, feed Phoebe and help her into a quick wardrobe change. She loved the breeze whistling around her and the grass tickling her toes! 

Jack showed off his skills and explained to Phoebe the finer points of choosing rocks from the path. 

After a pretty significant stint at the marsh Jack helped me push the stroller to the big bridge because we had one more place to do some tossing....


... Off the bridge! Oh happy day indeed. 

And the grey clouds darkened up the sky just at this moment and the rain held off long enough to let us get everything back into the car! We're excitedly counting down the days until Jack gets to start preschool, so we did a detour to drive by it. As we drove by Jack yelled out his open car window "Hurry up and be open please!" Hahahaha. 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

We've got Mail: Korean Edition

Oh my lord. I forgot how amazing it is to be a kid and get a huge parcel. I mean I get a thrill out if it now, but then it was like the most amazing thing! Even if the contents were only so-so, the huge box coming in the mail was thrilling enough. Well last week we got an awesomely huge parcel from Korea, and the contents were freaking awesome. 

Jack was just in awe of everything! Even the card was super cool that Steph and Sean sent!

Luckiest little boy ever! He was so so so thrilled to pose with his loot he made me take several pics.

She's got the elmo smile totally down pat!

And she loves her squeaky squid teething toy :)!

Jack loves his all metal bodied Korean police cars that came with a working traffic light and speed camera. He makes all his cars drive up and say "cheeeeeeese!" Which is too cute!

Phoebe just loves the Elmo headband, which Jack is all to happy to wear around the house. 

Here he is munching some hard candies. So. In. Love. With. Sugar. 

I got a lovely assortment of makeup and facemasks and creams. Spoiled sister right here :)!!

And the coolest blow up pool ever which we used as a snuggle den and swimming pool. Most popular as a snuggle den :)! But Phoebe will get a kick out of it next spring/summer for sure as a pool. For now it's hanging out in the playroom at be snuggled in!

And a beach ball looking like a watermelon, which was so fun to play catch with both inside and out. We need to invest in more beach balls, they're so easy to bat around and not break things. Love it!

Thank you Steph and Sean for all our fun things!